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CSI - Chicken Slaughterhouse

December 06, 2006
CSI Thursday looks at chicken slaughter - please watch and comment -- 12/7/06

CBS's hit television drama, CSI, has been honored in the past by the Genesis Awards for its animal friendly story lines, including one exposing the horror of canned hunts involving retired zoo animals. (See to learn about the Genesis Awards.) The show has submitted the episode due to air this Thursday, December 7, at 9pm ET/PT, for Genesis Award consideration.

The storyline includes the murder of a chicken slaughterhouse employee and of a rock star who targeted the chicken company's inhumane practices in a PSA. Footage taken at chicken slaughterhouses is set to be aired.

The producers tells us the show highlights not only the way chickens are killed but also how they are treated while alive. It has the potential to educated millions of viewers who tune in to CSI every week. Watch it if you can. And assuming, as promised, it shines a spotlight on the dark chicken industry, please, after it has aired, show your appreciation with a quick comment to the station. The show is going out on a limb, and public support, positive feedback, matters.

To comment, go to com/info/ user_services/ fb_global_ form.shtml and from the pull-down menu next to "Regarding:", choose "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. "

Please make your thank you brief, heartfelt, and in your own words. Appreciative feedback from individual viewers who care about animals (as opposed to a wave of almost identical email that clearly comes from an activist group) is the most meaningful to the media.

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