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COK's newest ad - A Side of Truth

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September 2008

Starting this week, Compassion Over Killing's hard-hitting 30-second commercial, "A Side of Truth," will blanket the MTV airwaves, giving viewers a brief glimpse of the painful realities kept hidden behind the closed doors of the meat, milk, and egg industries, and further directing them to our website, to learn more.

For three weeks, this powerful ad will be viewed millions of times by MTV's youthful audience in hundreds of cities nationwide'for just a penny per view. With your help, we can keep this ad campaign going strong for another three weeks, or more!

For more details and to watch COK's commercial, visit:

Imagine if fast food restaurants offered diners a side of truth with every meal---truth about where their meat, eggs, and dairy products really come from. That's exactly what happens in COK's newest 30-second commercial---"A Side of Truth"---hitting the MTV airwaves this fall, reaching more than 21 million cable subscribers nationwide.

In this hard-hitting ad, after a young woman orders food and is faced with the cruel reality of typical dietary choices---from the mother pig in a gestation crate who can't turn around to the hens crammed inside wire battery cages to the calf in a veal stall who can barely move---she speeds away in horror. As always, viewers are further directed to where they can discover the whys and hows of an animal-friendly diet as well as order COK's free Vegetarian Starter Guide.

We're currently raising funds to keep this ad on the air as long as possible. We just received an extremely generous matching gift of $25,000, so right now, every dollar you contribute towards our MTV commercial campaign will be doubled---up to $25,000!

Visit to watch "A Side of Truth," learn more about this cost-effective campaign, and find how you can help spread the animals' message.



Erica Meier
Executive Director
Compassion Over Killing

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