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Kucinich, Primate Sanctuary on GO VEGAN WITH BOB LINDEN

Elizabeth Kucinich, Primate Sanctuary,
Oprah Goes Fishing, Native Americans Historically Vegan -

this weekend on "GO VEGAN WITH BOB LINDEN"
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- guest ELIZABETH KUCINICH, director of public and government affairs for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, discusses campaigns to bring healthy vegan food to school children, and opposition to animal testing in medical and military research, including NASA's plans to nuke primates
Some primates are luckier than others and find refuge at a sanctuary such as Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary in Gainesville Florida, home to monkeys who were able to escape research, roadside zoos, entertainment, etc. We talk to founder and director KARI BAGNALL

What's up with OPRAH finding the deception and murder of fishing to be "recreational"? How historically vegan were American Indians?

NOW ARCHIVED / October 31 broadcast

- guests DENIS HENNELLY and CASEY SUCHAN, film makers of "Bold Native", the documentary-style fictionalized account of direct action taken by the Animal Liberation Front, discuss the San Francisco premiere November 18th at the Red Vic

hip hop icon KEITH TUCKER talks about hip hop going vegan and green, and his new film project documenting his personal transformation and evolution to veganism

NOW ARCHIVED / October 24 broadcast

- guest journalist DAVID KIRBY (author of "Animal Factory: The Looming Threat of Industrial Pig, Dairy, and Poultry Farms to Humans and the Environment") with shocking news about deadly super bugs commonly associated with ham, pork, and bacon, Mad Cow prevention violations, and why you have free speech rights, but can't speak out against animal agriculture

NOW ARCHIVED / October 17 broadcast

- guest RIC O'BARRY of "The Cove" talks about what's happening to dolphins in Japan right now - and what you can do to help stop the massacre
guest LAURA CUNNINGHAM, wildlife biologist, talks about the peril to desert wildlife, including endangered tortoises, represented by large construction projects, including solar. Can solar be done right - for the animals?

NOW ARCHIVED / October 10 broadcast

- guest International Fund for Africa co-founder ANTENEH ROBA, M.D., whom you will meet in Malibu Sunday when he receives the International Vegan Hero Award, talks about the crisis of introducing factory farms and gmo's to Africa
guest JAMIE BURR of Malibu Solar (powering Sunday's event at the Wright Land) discusses the state of solar energy today, and how farmers could actually generate more profits switching from animal agriculture to growing organic fruits and vegetables breast cancer charity scams

NOW ARCHIVED / October 3 broadcast

- guest attorney and author DARA LOVITZ discusses her book "Muzzling A Movement: The Effects of Anti Terrorism Law, Money, and Politics on Animal Activism"

guest JORDAN CADE HALLIDAY, Utah animal rights activist and grand jury resistor, jailed why?

NOW ARCHIVED / September 26 broadcast

-guest DIXIE MAHY, a heroic San Francisco icon who has done as much as anyone on earth for the animals, planet, and human health in her 4 decades of service as the dynamic president of the San Francisco Vegetarian Society which - through unpaid caring volunteers - produces one of the best annual events anywhere - now in its 11th year - WORLD VEG FESTIVAL WEEKEND in Golden Gate Park next Saturday and Sunday Oct 2 & 3, at 9th and Lincoln. She gives us a preview of what's happening - so many doctors in the house talking about health - cooking demonstrations - speakers - and she reminds BOB LINDEN to show up again to emcee - even though he's probably offended half the attendees on his radio show - DIXIE also tells us what's new this year like a vegan cruelty-free fashion show, and - speed dating Event speaker, CARL MYERS, M.D., career oncologist, former VP of Medical Affairs for the Wisconsin Health Organization, tells us why the first thing he did upon retirement was open Nature's Express, a vegan restaurant in Berkeley.

NOW ARCHIVED / September 19 Broadcast -

- guest LISA GRAVES, executive director of the CENTER FOR MEDIA AND DEMOCRACY unspins the BP spin on dispersants, oil evaporation, and corrupt energy-stock owning judges - plus, get this - BP is involved with creating the environmental curriculum for California Schools

Monsanto has hired Blackwater to infiltrate animal rights organizations
With LADY GA GA's wearing the oppressed to protest oppression, are butchers the future of the fashion industry?

Our interview continues with VEGANIC farmer RON KHOSLA, who uses no slaughterhouse waste or animal fertilizers - improving upon the standards of USDA Organic

NOW ARCHIVED / September 12 Broadcast -

It takes a lot to outrage the author of "The World Peace Diet", but Dr. WILL TUTTLE is incensed by the inexplicable mean-spirited factually-questionable witch hunt appearing in the current VegNews attacking Supreme Master Ching Hai and her followers, recently recognized in an award for service by the President of the United States, and whose noble work includes disaster relief, starting the world's first chain of vegan restaurants, organizing global climate change conferences, presenting invaluable compassionate and environmental programming on Supreme Master TV, and supporting GO VEGAN WITH BOB LINDEN through restaurant advertising. Dr. TUTTLE is outraged by VegNews' characterization as a "cult". BOB LINDEN is more concerned about a harmful cult of vegan-hating vegan "journalists" turning VegNews into Fox News. To read public response to this unfortunate controversy, go to  and click "Supreme Mystery". Also, this week, in the aftermath of salmonella and other food safety issues, people yearn for the good old fashioned farm of yesteryear, or maybe this year out in the Swiss countryside for example. Dr. TUTTLE just returned from Switzerland and tells us how "humane" and idyllic those farms actually are - or are not

How "humane" is "Humane Choice" - the dog food that benefits the Humane Society of the United States with each bag sold? Would you think an H$U$ sponsored dog food would be vegan or "vegetarian"? Although the label strives to hide it - there are animal ingredients in the H$U$ dog food, proving once again that the Hu-mainly about the money- Society of the United States is the animal exploitation industry itself, and not a credible animal advocacy organization. Wake up, people - H$ - U$ is NOT US (or "WE", if you want to be grammatically correct).

Slaughterhouse waste in your USDA Organic produce? Guest RON KHOSLA who has operated a VEGANIC farm in upstate New York for 12 years talks about truly animal-free agriculture. The farm is now for sale if you want to buy it and you're interested in VEGANIC. GO VEGAN! GO VEGANIC!

NOW ARCHIVED / September 5 broadcast -

Part 1 of the interview with DR WILL TUTTLE examining the disgraceful VegNews attack article on Supreme Master Ching Hai and her followers
Guest JASON MILLER (Thomas Paine's Corner and the North American Animal Liberation Press Office) discusses animal activism in the midwest, direct action, vegan anarchy, free speech.

Why your kosher and halal meat and dairy are neither kosher nor halal / The other white meat - a Canadian pig farmer's recipe / Happy Labor Day Weekend - What's the most dangerous job in America?

NOW ARCHIVED /August 29 broadcast -

We continue our interview with DR SHIV CHOPRA, begun August 22, on our unsafe corporate US food supply, poisoned by bovine growth hormone, sex hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, and GMO's. It's enough to get you sick. How sick? DR CHOPRA, formerly on the Canadian equivalent of the FDA and author of "Memoirs of a Health Canada Whistleblower", tells us. He also warns Jews and Muslims that meat and dairy in the US are neither kosher nor halal.

BOB is upset with VegNews, a publication which he has respected and admired over the years, but now reaches a new low in journalism by attacking SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI and her followers with a muckraking, mean-spirited, insensitive, accusatory, innuendo-based witch hunt, disguised as an article, which is totally detrimental to the vegan movement. If VegNews wants practice attack journalism, why not start with targets such as Monsanto, McDonald's, or H$U$? Why would VegNews attack such beautiful people so dedicated to promoting veganism and kindness to animals, improved human health, and environmental sustainability; people who care so much that they are opening vegan restaurants around the world, offering the wonderful free content of Supreme Master Television (, and are the first on the scene worldwide at natural disasters feeding victims vegan food. Hear BOB's response this week, and DR WILL TUTTLE's response next week. (He's as upset as Bob.) You can read the article "Supreme Mystery" online at , after which you may want to contact its publisher JOSEPH CONNELLY to ask that VegNews write a retraction and apology. The VegNews phone number is 415-665-6397, and its address is 3620 Wawona Street, San Francisco, CA 94116.

NOW ARCHIVED / August 22 broadcast -

THE US FOOD SUPPLY IS UNSAFE - and I'm not even talking about almost a billion salmonella eggs and a million pounds of ground up
E Coli cow corpse. Even without these contamination recalls, the food you eat starts off unsafe, and gets worse from there. Prepare to be shocked by guest DR SHIV CHOPRA, author of "Corrupt to the Core - Memoirs of a Health Canada Whistleblower". Health Canada is the equivalent of the US FDA. DR CHOPRA is on this week, and next, examining the massive health consequences of Bovine Growth Hormone, other hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, and GMOs. THIS IS MUST LISTENING FOR ALL PARENTS AND ANYONE WHO EATS (so-called) FOOD. Also this week - from Pakistan, dodging flood waters and US drones, DR WASEEM SHAUKAT, disaster liaison for the World Society for the protection of Animals (WSPA), on the catastrophic flooding and its impact on humans and other animals. Is this disaster the result of climate change / global warming, which is the result of meat and dairy production and consumption? (Remember the Worldwatch Institute study that blames meat and dairy for 51% of all greenhouse gas emissions?)

NOW ARCHIVED / August 15 broadcast:

Guest Haitian vegan musician KING WAWA discusses his efforts to bring dome housing AND VEGANISM to 2 million homeless, hungry Haitians, and the MALIBU BENEFIT BBQ FOR HAITI where he will be performing (his new song "Haiti Will Rise Again") Sunday October 17 at the Wright Land (24680 Piuma). Attendance is limited to 300. Reserve now for $25 at PayPal:, food included - $35 at the door. Thanks FOLLOW YOUR HEART and TOFURKY!

Guest JINGLES, who's been tabling for animal liberation for 20 years on the Venice Beach boardwalk, talks about the panel discussion we attended this past week, "CONSCIENTIOUS CARNIVORES", shamefully presented by the Santa Monica Farmer's Market at the Santa Monica Library, sadly demonstrating the effects of the brainwashing of the public by deceptive "happy meat" and "humane slaughter" campaigns such as those promoted by H$U$. CLIMATE CHANGE, SUNSET SILVERLAKE HOMEOWNERS ASSN POISONING BIRDS, BENICIA LOOKS TO VIVISECTION TO CREATE JOBS

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