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Behind the Mask, Reviewed by Maria Daines


Sent: Thursday, November 02, 2006 2:09 PM

Subject: Behind the Mask, my thoughts on this important film

Dear all,

I watched 'Behind the Mask' today and must pass on the news that this film is un-missable, please buy a copy and share it with your friends and colleagues, arrange a showing in your town if you can.

The film is much more than a look behind the scenes at those that liberate animals from suffering. It is a deeply moving portrayal of the social justice system and navigates successfully through the mire of indifference that is ever-present.

This film demonstrates powerfully, through real life stories, why people from all walks of life continue to use their voices, bodies and instincts, to save innocent animals from suffering, often despite the threat of, and loss of their own freedom.

This film is a tribute to big hearted people. Director, Shannon Keith and everyone involved in creating Behind the Mask should be highly commended for their brave effort to stand up for animals, the images of cruelty and incarceration, whilst not dominating the footage, will nevertheless have a penetrating effect on people's conscience, and yes, people from all walks of life, not just those involved in rescue or animal welfare/rights will be moved by this important message.

Behind the Mask cannot be quantified, you will simply feel the energy for preserving life in your soul.

If I can afford to I will buy this film as Christmas presents for as many friends and family members as I can, this beats rubbish material items hands down, this film will leave a lasting human legacy to truth, it is, in my opinion, THE film of 2006.

Click link for info on how to buy a copy or where to view the film -

Best wishes,

from Maria xx

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