Alinéa 3
a film of Jerome Lescure

It's a marketable version with free music rights. (Tribunal Animal. The third item (alinéa 3) of article n? 521-1 of the French penal code nowadays tolerates the torturing of bulls in bull fights. This is why Jérôme Lescure has chosen this as a title for his movie based on shootings made in summer 2004 in the south of France.

Five towns, 5 bull fights, 31 dead... 31 bulls tortured with cutting weapons for the pleasure of a perverse audience... From Arles to Nîmes, via Châteaurenard, Rieumes and Saint-Gilles, everywhere the same horrors, the same atrocity, the same suffering...

The torurers will not be able to tell us that the bull fight was "a mess"... 31 executions... this is a lot... This movie should be broadcast for as numerous people as possible to watch it... for nobody ever to be able to say that they did not know...

(Delphine Simon)

If you would like to contact the movie's director, you can write to:

DVD with interactive menu: French and English version + the teaser.
It contains a booklet in French and English that explains the torture of bull fights and at the end a sample lettre to be sent to all MPs.
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