Where to start .... well, Uri is probably the most famous psychic in the world today. He rose to international fame with his much-tested ability to bend spoons by touching them, moving things with his mind (such as the pointer on a compass), and countless other things. He's been tested on hundreds of occasions, and he constantly astounds. Many skeptics have slandered him for years, but none have shown any proof of anything fake or fraudulent.

He writes numerous columns for newspapers and magazines (you can find most of these in the press reports section on his website at www.uri-geller.com.) While you're there you can read for free some of his books, and others, which he believes has helped many people worldwide. You can also complete one of his very special tests to see whether YOU'RE psychic or not!

Apart from his many books and world tours, Uri has earned a tidy living using his psychic powers to find oil and minerals.

Uri is a man with a mission he has a strong message to the world regarding peace and animal suffering, and he always donates part of his income to charities and hospitals. He is constantly talking to whoever will listen about his firm stand on animal rights and his desire for people to uplift themselves spiritually. I think the two go hand-in-hand actually. Think about it, you won't find many vegetarians/vegans that are seeking to destroy others. Yup, on the whole we're a fun-lovin', gentle group of people. Peace, love and mung beans baby!!!

Uri wants us to open our minds and our hearts; realise our potential and in turn help others to realise theirs. ON YA URI!!!!!  'Mr Spoonbender' took time out from his VERY busy life to talk to Animal Liberation.

Interviewed by June Bird, June 2000.

June: Uri, I believe that you're a vegan. How long since you 'turned'?
Uri: I have been vegan for 28 years now.
June: Any problems ... any difficulties with veganism?
Uri: No, I do not find it at all difficult to be a vegan. In fact I love being a vegan.
June: The best part of veganism for me is knowing that my colon is white, bright and squeaky clean. What's the best part for you?
Uri: The best part of being a vegan is the purity and peace of mind one experiences and the strong connection I feel to the animal kingdom.
June: I had just always adored and respected animals since the second I was born but what motivated you to think about changing your diet?
Uri: Killing a human being during the Six-Day war.
June: I suppose there's no going back for you now after 28 years!
Uri: No, I will never change my mind as I love animals too deeply.
June: What about your family?
Uri: My family is vegan too.
June: What sort of things do you do to promote cruelty-free living?
Uri: I voice my opinions in the media.
June: Were people shocked when you first announced that you were going vegan? Did they think this was strange?
Uri: No, because I am a bit weird anyhow!
June: The sickest people I know are carnivores ... when will they learn ....
Uri: Yes, I hope that someday everyone will realise that it is not necessary to eat animals to stay healthy.
June: I love all sorts of food as long as an animal didn't have to suffer I'm there! What sort of food do you particularly like?
Uri: I love vegan Lebanese food.
June: Do you have any problems finding good vegan fare when you're travelling for instance?
Uri: No, as these days vegan food can be found everywhere.

Left: Successfully scrambling the contents of a floppy disk at Wang's UK headquarters. Centre: Bending a spoon simply by gently rubbing it with his finger (it continued to bend after he stopped rubbing). Right: Influencing a computer tape in Japan.

June: When I finally win Lotto and book that first class air ticket to England to visit you what sort of meal will you prepare for me?
Uri: Nothing as I leave the cooking to my wife!
June: Leather, wool, fur etc would you wear any of these?
Uri: I try to avoid such things to the maximum extent.
June: Zoos, circuses and rodeos your comments please Uri.
Uri: I hate them!
June: What do you hate more than zoos and rodeos?
Uri: Factory farming: It reminds me of death row.
June: Now, onto one of my favourite questions ..... famous vegans know many of 'em?
Uri: Yes I know MANY famous people who are vegetarians and vegans.
June: Names Uri ... I want names!!!!!!

Did you encourage your wife and children to go vegan?

Uri: No, I never had to.
June: Do you take vitamins Uri?
Uri: Yes, I do take vitamin supplements.
June: Are you owned by any animals?
Uri: Yes, I have 4 dogs, they are like part of the family.
June: I try to get along to as many animal rights protests as I possibly can they're so important. Have you attended any yet Uri?
Uri: No, I have never been on an animal rights protest but I do believe that my efforts have influenced the lives of many people.
June: Can I please have a few words that just about sum up your feelings on animals and their rights on planet Earth?
Uri: Yes, I believe that animals, like humans, have the right to live.
June: Thank you Uri! It really was a thrill for me to be interviewing you as I believe that you're a MOST fascinating and compassionate person. (You're just not allowed anywhere near my souvenir spoon collection ....)
Postscript: In another recent interview, Uri was talking about how many years ago his psychic abilities were being tested by the United States government. Things were going along fine, until they asked him to try and stop a pig's heart with his mind. He refused point blank, because of his belief in animal rights. Needless to say, that partnership quickly ended.

The wit, wisdom and merchandise (!) of Uri Geller can be found at: http://www.urigeller.com/ and email address is urigeller@compuserve.com.