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Peter Brock is an amazing man. A dead-set legend racing car driver without a doubt one of Australia's most recognisable sporting stars he's a vegan, a loving family man ... and one hot-looking dude! My mother-in-law, when informed that I was interviewing Peter, emailed me with the words "Peter Brock???!!! YUM!!!!"

I don't know much about cars, racing or otherwise, I just know that you put petrol in the little hole in the side and the aerial must be up to properly receive my favourite radio station, Triple J. But I do know that Peter Brock is a true champion. He's a quiet, reserved gentleman and I'm happy to say that he's another strong voice for the animals. Go Brocky!!!!!

Here are some Peter Brock facts:

    Won the Bathurst 1000 a record 9 times being dubbed "King of the Mountain"

    Nicknames include "Brocky" and "Peter Perfect"

    Has achieved more pole positions and race victories than any other driver since the inception of the Australian Touring Car Championship in 1960

    Awarded Australia Medal in 1980 in recognition of his contribution to motor sport and road safety

    He retired from motor sport in 1997


Interview by June Bird, July 2000.

June: You look fantastic Peter ... so when did you stop eating animals?
Peter: I cut out meat approximately 10 years ago and dairy about 5 years ago.
June: Experienced any problems?
Peter: Only when travelling overseas.
June: What made you decide to pull the plug on the meat and dairy?
Peter: I desired the feeling of being healthy so that I could get the best out of my body.
June: What made you realise that animals deserve the same respect as humans?
Peter: Being raised on a farm one automatically cares for all life and the balance of nature.
June: Hmmm ... sometimes I found the opposite to be true people who live and work on farms often become desensitised to animals suffering.
June: Did people deride your decision to become a vegan?
Peter: It was never significant to me what others thoughts that's their business.
June: What about Mrs Brock and the Brocksters?
Peter: My wife (Home Economist, Nutritionist, Science Teacher) is also vegan, two of our children are vegetarians and one eats meat.
June: Do you think people have taken notice of the way you have chosen to live your life?
Peter: People seem to respect my choices their comments usually relate to how well I look.
June: What sort of things do you like to munch on Peter?
Peter: I like to eat fresh, organic, non processed foods. I love home made pizza using soy products. There's some great 'NOT' products on the Australian market one of them I especially like is called 'NOT BACON'. I also enjoy pasta dishes, tofu dishes, salads, fresh vegetables, fruit and fresh fruit juices.
June: When you're travelling, as I know you do a lot Peter what's the secret with finding decent food?
Peter: Travelling and being vegan is sometimes hard. Israel was fantastic wonderful food, a great place. America is very difficult; getting good food is a problem as health issues are not a high priority there it seems.
June: Are you a good cook?
Peter: No.
June: Oh well, I suppose if I had your gorgeous wife cooking up a vegan storm for me, I'd be out in the garage too, fiddling with cam shafts awaiting the dinner bell !
June: What about at posh 'do's' which you probably have to attend a lot of and friends' barbecues are you well catered for?
Peter: At many functions I am given plates of lettuce and little else! There is a poor understanding of what constitutes being vegetarian or vegan. And as for barbecues my life does not allow for many social outings with friends.

Some pictures of Brocky doing what he did best, including his famous "05" Holden.

June: Are you hanging onto any leather or feather gear Peter?!
Peter: The use of leather or feathers is like everything else I believe that complete respect for the origin of anything is essential. The Earth is a living entity so removing minerals, ground water anything is comparable to the use of anything else. Once again, we could take a leaf out of the book of the North American Indians or the Australian aboriginal.
June: Yes, the indigenous people of most old cultures respected where their food came from but in these times most people don't think about it at all.
June: As a supposedly civilised society we've just got to stamp out rodeos, circuses with animals and factory farming etc what's your thoughts here Peter?
Peter: Of course there are less than satisfactory situations in all areas it's all to do with a lack of respect for life in general for example, even the poisoning of ants or mice. I always promote respect for all of creation.
June: Is there one particular area of animal exploitation that you find particularly disturbing?
Peter: Eating them!
June: Have you encouraged others to eat a vegan diet?
Peter: Sometimes for those who eat meat at our table.
June: Are you a vitamin taker Peter?
Peter: Yes, when my lifestyle demands it for example in times of high activity, stress etc, I require additional nutrients.
June: Do you have any adoring animals in the Brock household?
Peter: Yes, we have five Border Collies, they're beautiful, faithful hounds.
June: Do you think you've influenced a few people to go THE VEGO WAY?!
Peter: I'd rather be a quiet example rather than try to brow beat anyone into anything.
June: I prefer sledgehammers myself ....... !
June: And finally what is 'The Peter Brock Philosophy'?
June: Right on ... what he said!!! Thank you very much Peter you're a great Aussie and a true inspiration.