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I have loved Chrissie Hynde and her band 'The Pretenders' since I saw her in the video singing 'Brass in Pocket' but then she up and married Jim Kerr from the group 'Simple Minds' and I was livid with her as I'd had my eye on him. But being the forgiving soul that I am I eventually got over it.

I remember seeing a quote from Chrissie about a year ago when someone asked if she missed anything about eating meat. She sarcastically replied "Yes, I really miss being constipated."

Chrissie and The Pretenders are still touring, still churning out the songs and still bewitching audiences wherever they go.

That fringe! That cat-like body! That attitude! Chrissie just won't go away she's got great music in her blood and a love for all that's fair and good in her heart. Let's see what Chrissie has to say when facing up to The Birdster......


Interview by June Bird, June 2000.

June: Hi Chrissie, my first question of course is ... when did you cut out meat and dairy from your diet?
Chrissie: Meat in 1969 and I've been fazing out dairy for the last few years.
June: Have you experienced many difficulties being a vego?
Chrissie: Let me qualify this by saying that I'm not necessarily against eating certain dairy products, morally. It depends on how the animals are treated, if they are revered and regarded as sacred and are being provided for, then I think it's a decent exchange to accept some milk. What I wholly object to is factory farming from the meat industry or anything which condones the abuse of any animal. I don't believe there is any justifiable reason for killing any animal unless perhaps if it's killing you! That would be negotiable.
June: My sentiments exactly Chrissie. Okay, so what's been the best part of being vego for you?
Chrissie: Knowing that I'm not stealing from animals.
June: So why did you initially decide to go vego?
Chrissie: It was a moral decision.
June: Can you think of any significant event/events while you were growing up that 'made you wot you are today'?
Chrissie: No, not particularly. I just think that animals are perfect creations and I don't like to mess with perfection.
June: I suppose that people may have thought initially that your vegetarianism was just a fad?
Chrissie: People think what they want to think.
June: Parents and siblings what's their thoughts on your lifestyle?
Chrissie: My parents tolerate it but over the years have found it embarrassing, and as far as I know my brother is vegetarian.
June: Can you envisage a time when people will come to the realisation that they don't need to kill animals to live well?
Chrissie: As long as people think that it's their right to kill animals that will never happen.
June: What sort of things do you like to munch on Chrissie?
Chrissie: Oatmeal, chocolate, beans and rice anything that doesn't try to get away!
June: Touring must be hard for many reasons but what about obtaining decent grub? Any places that are worse than others?
Chrissie: No, I find that there's always plenty to eat in these so called developed countries.
June: Are you good in the kitchen?
Chrissie: No.
June: Oh, so it's mainly takeaways eh? Just like at my place ........

Two pics of Chrissie on stage, plus the centre pic is Chrissie at a demonstration with actress Hayley Mills.
June: Anyone ever dare to make fun of your beliefs?
Chrissie: Not to my face.
June: I currently have a car bumper sticker which says "I Love Animals So Much That I Don't Eat Them" but I've always wanted to get a car sticker that reads "VEGETARIAN WITH ATTITUDE". I may have a couple made up Chrissie and I'll definitely send one over to you you're definitely a woman after my own heart!
June: Picnics etc .... what's the story for you?
Chrissie: If you mean the dreaded barbecue I avoid them. And do I take my own food? Well I don't usually associate myself with meat eaters in social situations as such.
June: Leather and other animal by-products do you still use any?
Chrissie: I avoid them but that doesn't mean that I've thrown out everything I own that has a leather strap or handle on it, or my old cowboy boots or my old motorcycle jacket.
June: I despise zoos and circuses with animals. What about you Chrissie?
Chrissie: The animals have got to be free.
June: Ah yes, and the dreaded macho rodeo those 'cowboys' and their evil 'flank straps' have GOT to go.
June: Factory farming, battery hens, cattle feedlots etc .... your comments please?
Chrissie: Unless the animals are treated as holy there is no acceptable way to farm them.
June: Got many vego muso friends?
Chrissie: Yeah there's a few I know, and I actually think that there'd be more musicians who are vegos than actors actually ... but then again I don't much about actors ......
June: Since you went vego ... how has your health been?
Chrissie: I think I'm alright.
June: Have you encouraged your mates to go veggie?
Chrissie: My friends don't need encouragement.
June: Vitamins, do you take 'em?
Chrissie: No.
June: Protesting for animal rights yup, it looks like you're definitely in it for the long haul!
Chrissie: I just do whatever is asked of me when possible.
June: Is there anything you want to say in this interview that will let people know more about vegetarianism and animal rights?
Chrissie: People already know everything about it it's really a personal question of their relationship to man, God, nature.
June: What are your plans for the future Chrissie? You've already done so much for the animals.
Chrissie: I plan on being happy.

Yeah me too! I am also planning on winning the lottery and donating an enormous chunk of it to worthy animal charities, and I want to pay for TV commercials on every channel featuring slaughterhouses and battery hens etc to be played while everyone's seated at their dinner tables ... yahoo!!!!

Thank you for that Chrissie!

Oh yes she's another feisty vego grrrl ..... seems like we're breeding like rabbits!!!