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Annalise is 27 years old and is hot on the heels of the likes of Elle MacPherson as a much sought after model. Her swimsuit calendars are selling like the proverbial hot cakes and her website registers thousands of hits per week! Annalise also has her own radio show on Monday nights 6-8pm on Bondi 88.0FM. She enjoys what she's doing and hopes to do it for a long time but acting is a passion and eventually she'd love to spend time making jewellery, painting, sculpting and learning how to be a hot surfer! Our favourite Aussie supermodel's amazing looks come from her Czechoslovakian mother and her Norwegian father.

Annalise is the epitome of the young, fresh Australian woman. She's also extremely career focussed but is definitely not the 'cut throat corporate type'. She lives at Bondi Beach, NSW and you can catch Annalise on just about every TV program you care to turn onto these days! She's currently very much in demand from all quarters .... she's stunning and compassionate and also a well-known advocate for animal rights. Read on!

Interview by June Bird, March 2000.

(The photographer on the shot above was Anna Bertalli and Annalise's blonde tresses were attended to by Bruce Mann at Scott James salon in Double Bay, NSW)

June: Hi Annalise, you're glowing and so full of health are you a vegetarian or a vegan?
Annalise: Thanks for that nice compliment! I'm a vegetarian actually and I also try to keep my mind healthy. I train five days a week which includes boxing, gym work, yoga, surfing and Latin American dancing. There's little doubt about it though you are what you eat. Also laughing and being happy does wonders.
June: Phew! I'm exhausted just thinking about all of that stuff! I know that you travel a lot. What's it like trying to find good vegetarian fare?
Annalise: You know - I actually do find it difficult when travelling at times. Unfortunately not all countries have the selection we have here in Australia.
June: I know that I feel terrific being a vego apart from the incredible health benefits just knowing that I'm doing the right thing for the animals gives me a great buzz! What about you?
Annalise: I totally agree with you and also the feeling of being so clean, light, alive and healthy.
June: Why and when did you decide to stop eating animals?
Annalise: I decided not to eat meat for health and humanitarian reasons. I was brought up on a biodynamic farm with lots of different animals. My Mum trained animals (cruelty free) for film and TV, so I considered them all a part of the family. I fed, watered,and played with them. So the thought of eating one was absolutely horrific to me! I decided not to eat meat when I was about 7 or 8. Those who know me know that I'm passionate about not eating animals.
June: Wow, you had a great start in life! Errrr ... my father was a butcher! But what about your parents' diets?
Annalise: My mum is vegan, so it's always been a totally normal and natural way of life for her , my father is supportive although he eats meat. I do always hope others will realise there's no need at all to eat meat. Although I obviously don't believe in forcing others to become vegetarian. You know each to their own. Just as I can't stand it when religious fanatics force their beliefs upon others.


June: So, what's your secret to looking so vibrant?! What sort of food do you like to eat ? I know that I've actually found that there's much more to eat since I became vegan!
Annalise: I eat loads of organic fresh fruit and veggies, juices, tofu, legumes, and mostly asian dishes. I love to cook, it's one of my biggest passions. And it's the best way to get exactly what I want! I just love a wicked soy burger from the House of Soy at Bondi beach yum yum it's really the best in the world! And then there's the 'Bodhi' which is a Buddhist vegan restaurant that has the best Yum Cha ever! I'd surely die without these two restaurants.
June: You must meet a lot of people in your work what about people who might ridicule your beliefs?
Annalise: It used to really upset me but now I just ignore such ignorance. Luckily now most of my friends are vegetarian or vegan so I don't really have this problem.
June: What about when you're modelling what sort of things won't you wear?
Annalise: In my life I try to avoid cruelty to animals whenever possible. For example I would NEVER wear real fur and I try to avoid leather whenever I can.
June: What animal rights issues in particular interest you?
Annalise: I'm totally against animals in circuses, or battery hens ... it's absolutely criminal! I don't eat battery eggs and I would never go to a circus with animals in it.
June: Do you know of many other vegetarians or vegans in your area of work?
Annalise: Unfortunately not! I only know of vegan singer Daniel Johns from the Australian band silverchair but I don't know him personally.
June: A lot of people think that vegos are on their last legs that'd we're a sickly unhealthy bunch!!
Annalise: Ha ha!! Well, I'm very active and I feel extremely healthy and I'm a self confessed health nut!
June: Vegetarian/vegan children ..... what are you planning to do?
Annalise: As far as I can say, I will make the decisions regarding their early years but when my child is old enough, he/she will have the right to decide for his/her self.
June: Do you have a companion animal?
Annalise: Not at the moment as I'm travelling too much to have an animal friend. It wouldn't be fair. But my boyfriend has a dog and I miss my childhood pets soooooo much!
June: What sort of animal rights activism are you currently involved in?
Annalise: I work for the HSI (Humane Society International) predominantly on the anti-fur campaigns.
June: So, have you turned anyone else vego yet?!
Annalise: Oh yes, about 8 people so far!!
June: What would you say to anyone else considering an animal friendly lifestyle?
Annalise: Be true to your self be vegetarian for all the right reasons. I highly recommend it!!!! Be good! be true! be positive! Love, laughter and almonds!

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