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For those who don't know (who could that possibly be) Daniel Johns is the singer/guitarist and main songwriter for the huge Aussie band silverchair. This interview was done when Daniel and the rest of silverchair were in the process of recording their 3rd album "Neon Ballroom", but he still managed to take the time out of his busy schedule to answer all of our questions. Thanks Daniel!

Interview by June Bird November 1998.

Special thanks to Mark Pearson and Julie Johns for their assistance in securing the interview.

Are you a vegetarian or a vegan?

Being vegan is different to being vegetarian. A vegetarian doesn't eat meat (this includes chicken and fish), but may choose to eat dairy products, eggs, or wear leather. A vegan on the other hand, will not eat or use anything which is from an animal, or that is an animal by-product. No eggs, milk, cheese, leather etc.

  Picture of Daniel  

Do you find that it's difficult being vegan? What's the hardest part?

What's the best part of being vegan?

Why did you decide to become vegan?

Can you think of any significant events while growing up that shaped your compassionate thinking towards animals?

How did you develop an interest in Animal Liberation?

Do some people think that this is just a fad? That you will change your mind and go back to eating animals?

What do your parents think about you being vegan? (Are they, or your brother, vegetarian or vegan?)

Could you envisage that there could be any songs from you, in the future, that would promote cruelty-free living?

Do you hope that many other people around your age would realise that there is no need to eat animals to stay healthy?

What sort of things do you eat?

Have you found when you're touring that there's plenty of good vego grub around?

Have you had the usual hilarious crowd of people making fun of your beliefs? Do you laugh along with them or get totally pissed off?

With your friends at BBQs do you find that they're sympathetic to your beliefs, and cater for you? Or do you just end up eating fried onions on a plain bread roll?!

What about wearing leather? Or having feathers in your doona? To what extent would you take your animal activism?

What do you think about circuses with animals, and rodeos?

For more information on circuses and rodeos, follow these links.

What's your point of view on factory farming: such as hens in battery cages, pigs in cramped stalls, and cattle feedlots?

For more information on battery hens and pigs, follow these links.

Is there one particular area of animal exploitation that you find really disturbing?

Do you know any other vegetarian musicians?

When touring, Paul McCartney insists that the catered food for the crew etc, is vegetarian. Is this something that you've thought about?

What are your thoughts about people who eat meat? Do you think it's a lack of awareness of the story behind meat, or something else?

How have you felt since you became vegan? Healthier... or on your last legs?!

Is the health aspect of vegetarianism an issue for you?

How would you approach the situation where you were developing a serious relationship with someone who ate meat?

If you choose to have children in the future, how would you encourage them to keep with a vegetarian/vegan diet?

Tell me about your dog? I believe he/she is very important to you.

Would you ever be involved with an animal rights protest...would you feel comfortable doing that?

We've received numerous emails to the Animal Liberation NSW website from people saying they've become vegetarian partly due to your influence is there anybody that you know of that you feel you've influenced to cruelty-free living?

If you could what you really wanted to the 'youth of today' regarding vegetarianism and animal rights - what would that be?