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Famous Animal Guardians

Pictured below are celebrities who have spoken out with the voice of compassion on behalf of animals. In a world filled with apathy and indifference, they are to be commended for their stance as true guardians of our animal friends.

Mary Tyler Moore

"I like [the] term guardian as opposed to master or owner. It is an honor that is bestowed on some of us and we need to treat it that way"
--from The Pet Press, Sept-Oct. 2002
Gretchen Wyler
Vice President, The Humane Society of the United States, Hollywood Office

"It is truly time for all of society to see animals as more than mere commodities or property to be bought or sold, exploited or killed at an 'owner's' whim. I am proud to be the guardian of my animal companions."
Jane Goodall
The Jane Goodall Institute

"In the legal sense, animals are regarded as 'things,' mere objects that can be bought, sold, discarded, or destroyed at an owner's whim."
Jeffrey Masson
Author, The Nine Emotional Lives of Cats: A Journey into the Feline Heart, When Elephants Weep: The Emotional Lives of Animals and Dogs Never Lie About Love

"In Defense of Animals is truly achieving something remarkable. For the first time in history, people are being made aware of the fact that animals can no longer be considered a 'thing,' a 'commodity,' or an 'object."
Doris Day
Actress & Singer

"With love from me, "Biggest," and "Lovey." I am their guardian, and they are my angels!"
Shannon Elizabeth

"There are many things I love that I "own", but my dogs are not one of those things. Anything that cuddles up to you when you sleep, that kisses you when you are sad, that plays with you when you are happy, that protects you when you are scared is not something you are an "owner" of. It is someONE. And you can never "own" someone. You can not "own" something that loves you back. That is why guardian is a much more appropriate term, and the truth is we are a team. My dogs and I love each other and are guardians for each other. If you think you can say that you "own" someone you love, I own them as much as they own me."
Grant Aleksander, Actor
"I own a house and a car. These are things I own. My companion animals are part of my family. They give me unconditional love and I give them room and board. I do not believe anyone can own a living thing. That is why I consider myself the guardian of my animal companions, never as their owner."
Jim Mason, author, An Unnatural Order
and co-author with Peter Singer, Animal Factories

"Animals have been regarded as property for way too long. It's high time we took on a more loving and responsible relationship with our kindred beings in the web of life on this beautiful planet. I always think and act as a guardian towards my kindred beings, never as their owner".
Patrick McDonnell
"Mutts" Cartoonist

"I never think of Earl as a dog I own. He's just Earl, a smart, happy, kind, extremely good natured soul with whom I share my life."
Lynn Johnston
"For Better Or Worse" Cartoonist

"Animals deserve all the love and care we can give them"
Kyler England, singer/songwriter
"Growing up in the country in North Carolina I had a huge family which included 5 humans and an assortment of animal friends including horses, dogs, cats, rabbits and the occasional chicken or guinea pig. I always thought of our pets as part of the family, never as possesions so using the word "guardian" in place of "owner" is intuitive for me. IDA is doing important work to change the way people think about their animal friends."
Tiffani Thiessen

"My dog and two cats are such a vital part of my life. To say that I am their owner doesn't reflect at all the profound bond and responsibility that I have towards them. Therefore, I thoroughly support In Defense of Animals' initiative to utilize 'guardian' instead of owner."

Tippi Hedren, Actress
President, The Roar Foundation
Director, The Shambala Preserve

“For over thirty years, we, at the Shambala Preserve, and The Roar Foundation have thought of the big cats who have been abused, abandoned, or neglected, as thinking…feeling..beings. We have always thought of ourselves as guardians of these magnificent beings, who have all been born in captivity to be sold as “pets”, which they are not. One of our goals has been to educate the public to treat all animals as part of life on our planet.

Wendie Malick

"Sometimes I'm not sure which of us is the caregiver. The animals in our lives give us love, comfort and joy so extravagantly"

Natasha Allas, Former Miss USA World

Guardian is an important word, for all beings, animal and human.”

Ed Begley, Jr.

"I support your efforts [to promote guardianship]."
Elayne Boosler

"It seems to me a guardian is required to do everything an owner is, but on a higher level, with actual consideration for the health and well being of the living creature. If the term "owner" promoted better care than "guardian" then we'd all own children, wouldn't we?"
Carol Cane

"To the well-being of animals everywhere."
Lane Brody

"Dr. Katz - So great to work with you on behalf of the animals. God Bless You."
James Cromwell, Actor
Steve Valentine, Actor
Carole C. Wilbourn
The Cat Therapist

"How can we possibly "own" a cat or other animal, whose exquisite range of  emotions easily surpasses our own. I am forever learning new and creative ways to approach life from my cat. I feel privileged to be her guardian and strive to do best I can do to respect and nurture her life."
Lucinda Ruh
Swiss Figure Skating Champion

"I am Tiffany's best friend and after I see the humanly deeds, the humanly expression, the honesty, dignity, sensitivity, and truth, the respect and love she has for me I can do no less than treat her as my equal. How wonderful to be a guardian of such a spirit."
Jennifer Robinson
Six-time Canadian Ladies Champion and Olympic Team Member

"My dogs Harley and Maxx are more than pets to me, they are a part of my life. To mistreat them is the same as mistreating a family member. Their love for me is unconditional as is my love for them."
Tim Hockley – Publisher & 
Dana Cox – Editor in Chief
(seen with Sabrina, rescued over 13 years ago, she remains lthe healthiest 15 year old Siberian Husky on the planet.)

“Animal Wellness Magazine has instituted a “Guardian” only policy and encourages all writers, advertisers and contributors to do the same. Awareness leads to education, education empowers individuals to take action and action ultimately leads to improving the lives of animals. Elliot, we applaud all that you and the IDA team do.”
Peri Parker

“Please never talk in terms of ownership when it comes to any of our fellow creatures because we are all living, breathing, thinking, feeling  beings. Guardian is the perfect word to use when it comes to the  relationship between people and the other animals who share this one world, and IDA is doing brilliant work reminding us of this fact.”
Shelley Morrison
“Rosario” on Will & Grace

“We have always referred to our animals, all rescued, as our Fur Kids. They, in their infinite wisdom, have taught us the most important sense – Common Sense.”

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