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McConaughey Distances Himself from Hunting Facility

After Flurry of News Stories, McConaughey Distances Himself from Hunting Facility that Listed Him as "Co-Owner" & "Staff" Member

Matthew McConaughey has said that he sold his share of the ranch that offers canned hunts in 2011. Why then did the LP Ranch's website include, until February 4, 2015,  a photo of McConaughey on its "Meet the Staff" page with a caption that described him as a "co-owner?" Was McConaughey, who is a major celebrity, allowing his brother and nephew to falsely identify him as an owner and staff member to promote the business?

Actor Matthew McConaughey, a former spokesman for the "Beef: It's What's For Dinner" ad campaign, co-owns a ranch that sells canned hunts. His company also sells horses who are "ready for any ranching task that may be asked of them" and cattle who they "treat in a way that will allow them to be ready for any conditions."

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