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Paris Hilton:  Fur Hag

Paris Hilton will stop at nothing to become a top-selling recording artist. She already has the best selling video of all time, but now she has become one of the first "singers" to officially use YouTube to help pitch her new album, which drops today, via the video website.

In the video she goes into a pet store in Japan to frolic with the teensy puppies in what can only be described as a real-live version of Cute Overload as "Stars are Blind" plays in the background like so much muzak in the lobby of a beachside resort.

What really struck us as odd, however, was her rabbit jacket in the first pet store and her sleeveless fur vest in the second store. WHAT EXACTLY IS PARIS DOING WITH THESE ANIMALS IN JAPAN? Where's Drudge when you need him?



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