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President Bill Clinton Confirms He's 'Experimenting' With Vegan Diet

Sep 18, 2010
President Bill Clinton Confirms He's `Experimenting' With Vegan Diet

No words. There are no words for how absolutely thrilled we are with this amazing news!

President Bill Clinton recently confirmed in an interview with journalist Willow Bay [video link below] that he is indeed eating a mainly vegan diet. In the interview, the former president explains the reason behind his decision to go vegan....

According to our source, Clinton decided to adopt the diet in the early part of May. While he does occasionally eat fish, the former president otherwise follows
a strict vegan diet.

What made him go vegan? According to our source, Clinton has read many books on the topic, including books by T. Colin Campbell, Caldwell Esselstyn and Dr. Dean Ornish. Although losing weight was a benefit of the dietary change, the choice to go vegan was about more than just losing weight....

Check out this video of how Clinton is reversing his heart disease: intv.clinton.blitzer.weight.loss.cnn?iref=allsearch

Clinton discusses his vegan diet, May 2012

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