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Name Author Description
A Christmas Tale Thomasson, Audrey About Faith, the cat
Abandoned Dog unknown I saw you abandon and try to kill your best friend yesterday.
About a Dog unknown from Best of Craigslist
A dog looks for a home Craven, Scott Toby knew what he wanted for Christmas. The same thing everyone here wanted.
A Dog's Life unknown Shows how we underestimate a dog's intelligence
A Light in the Shadows Shenita Etwaroo Wetness dampened Aurora�s cheek, following a long afternoon of enduring the hideous taunts of the Lisa coven.
All That Jaz unknown Story of a Labrador Retriever
A Lonely Dog Sidoli, Jean essay
A Message from Max Ellis, J.D. Max, the dog, writes to his owner
A Shelter Dog asks God Fremo, Joan  
Autumn Sun Caballero, Christy Remembering Kodie, the dog
A War Dog's Faithful Friend
Castaneda, Ruben Story of Scout and Mr. Smathers
Basic Philosophy. Compassion and Ethics unknown Essay
Birds As Teachers Wilson, Mary I never imagined that birds could teach me anything...
Blind dog news True story of blind dog who has own guide dog
Boys Don't Cry Heywood, Leslie Story dedicated to Jill Phipps
Buffalo Opens Butchers' Eyes unknown When they approached the front door of the slaughterhouse, the sorrowful buffalo suddenly stood still,
Candy and Sticky Fingers Musgrave, Jaylene A dog helps a child-woman cope with tumultuous life
Cat & Grizzly Siddon, Dave Kitten and Grizzly are friends
Chicken S*** Brody, Larry Living with chickens
Cleftlip Kiser, Roger Dean Story of a special bonding
Compare Yourself Gentille, Linda See how you compare with the gold standard
Confessions of a Dog Tuffy the Daschund I am not proud of some of the things I have done...
Cow Love Katz, John Cow Falls in Love
Cows Do Glow On Moonlight Zaric, Jelena Morning was here- bees and butterflies were dancing around my window
Cries behind the Walls Shenita Etwaroo Gabriel had always eaten meat, ever since he was born.
Duck Calls Police news True story of a mother duck who calls police to help her ducklings
Epitaph in Katakana, For Anne & My Son Satoh, Yoshio Love in a testing lab in Japan
Fate of A Dog website link Powerful video of what happens to shelter dogs
Fawn Aftanas, Jennifer Fawn in South Africa befriended by dog
Freedom, the Eagle Guidry, Jeff True story of the circle of healing
Gay Flamingos Adopt an Abandoned Chick news true story
Gerald the Field Mouse Stevens, Helen true story
Good Night Precious Willis, Jim poem
Goose & Swans Edwards, Charlotte True story about how geese behave
Handicapped Hen Shaw, Tyronne Chicken Big, This man's best friend was a handicapped hen
Heaven-hell unknown parable
He Didn't Even Cry: Febo   Fictional story of losing pet to vivisection
Herbie Escapes Death Camp News True story of calf that escapes the slaughter house
How Could You?  An Animals' Savior Willis, Jim essay and poem
I Am Your Dog unknown Your dog has a few things to say to you
Impurrfection; A Cat's Life on the Streets Reidenbach, Jack W. Novelette
Innocence (An Elephant's Story) Anderson, Donna Poignant story of an elephant
It Makes a Difference
unknown 2 stories. Every action you take makes a difference.
It's Just a Bird Campbell, Nancy Written after a particularly trying week at the vet hospital where she works.
Jonah's Story--my friend pit bull Porter, Nan Five years ago, I was walking through the parking lot of Sam's Club
Just A Dog Biby, Richard essay
Letter to Mr. Smathers Park, Kerri "About Jake". Letter regarding the above story
Liberator Miner, Matt Liberator is a comic book portrayal of an animal activist's battle for justice in a society which embraces institutionalized speciesism.
Lifesaver Locke, Glenda Unwanted shelter dog becomes lifesaver
Little Girl Tortured Irwin, Steve She heard the trucks coming...
Little Tyke.pdf

True Story of a Gentle Vegetarian Lioness

Westbeau, George H. The true story of Little Tyke, the famous vegetarian African lioness (48 pages)
Lonely Bird unknown Essay
Lucky and Mary; Lucky 2 unknown True story
Maggie the Newark Pit Morgan, Liz True story
Maria - Launch Hearts VSPCA India True story
Mia's Story JeZa Dog saved from shelter in Serbia
Midnight Visit Wickert, Fred Two stories. "Freckles" and "Blondie"
Misty, the One In Million Cat Lewis D., Corrales J. Illustrated children's story
Mother's Love Morrison, Karin True story of a bird mom
My name is Sam Benton, Chris Puppy in a shelter
One Ounce Barnard, M.D., Neil This Lesson in Compassion Weighs Just One Ounce
On Learning From Animals Willis, Jim essay
Poor Little Rich Dog Katz, Jon Ernie is healthy, wealthy, and abused
Powers Pet Rescue Team Shenita Etwaroo Neo Powers stood resolute in the shelter holding area.
Puppy Saves Lives   true story
"Puppy Size" Virginia Haven Story of a child's interpretation
Rainbow Bridge for Rescuers   Rainbow Bridge for Rescuers
Recalling Rosetta news  Plus 5 other short true animal stories
Ricochet   video story
Sheba, the Dog   True story
Sid's Story - Animal SOS Sri Lanka Kim Cooling True Story
Simon's Last Photo Animal Place Sanctuary True story
Snowball the Prozac Bear Hudgins, Bill Poem inspired by true story
Story of Bad Jack unknown The earliest I remember is being with my mother.
Tender Hearts Clair, Dee Poem. A tribute to volunteers.
The Brave Little Parrot Jataka tale parable for ARAs
The Hardest Choice White, Ken essay, euthanasia
The Key to Paradise [Poem Collection] Anderson, Donna Five poems
The Journey Home Peaceable Kingdom feature documentary
The Long Road From Exile ... Run Forrest Run Edelstein, David Until now, the story of Forrest and Kane has been told thru emails...
The Magic Moment Anderson, Jennifer True story of a diver's experience with Manta Ray
The Old Man and the Dog Moore, Catherine An old man gets a friend.
The Pig Farmer Robbins, John Surprising twists when the author of "Diet for a New America" interviews a farmer.
The Rhino With Glue-On Shoes Spelman, Lucy Compilation of true stories from her and other wildlife vets
These Eyes Tell the Story Shenita Etwaroo Sasha closed and locked the monkey's cage door before turning and walking away
The Song of the Pig Masson, Jeffrey  They laugh, they dream, they don't tell porkies. So why are we such swine?
The Stages of Love unknown Poem about a growing relationship with a dog
The story of Blu Gentille, Linda True story of Bull Dog Mascot
The Story of One "Unwanted" Horse True news story 11 year search for a horse
The Story of Ugly Wyandotte Animal Group Everyone in the apartment complex I lived in knew who Ugly was
The Unexamined Life Waters, Judith V. Poem. Examine your life, including what you eat....
The Voices that Cannot Speak Shenita Etwaroo I don't remember exactly where it all began, but it certainly wasn't like this.
  Xmas Morning
Carter, Jared A short story, and a poem
Two Horses unknown Friendship
Ugly the Cat unknown internet classic, edited
Max, the Story of a Cockatoo with Beak & Feather Disease Niedweske, Linda  
What Wings Are For: The Story of Heart United Poultry Concerns True Story
What We Did to Rodney Hendricksen, Peter M. True story



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