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The Stages of Love

When you were a puppy you cried at night,
signs of hunger, and a yearning to be touched.
You disturbed my sleep. But you were a puppy.

    And I forgave you.

Sometimes I would roll over and go back to sleep,
making you wait. I would turn on the fan to drown
out your tiny squeals. But you knew I was human.

    And you forgave me.

As you grew you went through the stages of puppy-
hood, the chewing, the mischief, the destruction of
so many pairs of shoes. But you were a young dog.

    And I forgave you.

I would scold you ever so gently for your barking,
and the extra time I spent sweeping dirt from clean
floors, a result of flowerpots, which met their fate
at your tail. But you knew I was human.

    And you forgave me.

You are now in the senior stage of life. And so am I.
We continue to forgive each other, to love and learn.
And I know the day will come when we will no longer
be together.

    And I will forgive you.

Not because you are only a dog, but because you
were my dog, and I love you enough to know you
have no choice.

    You will forgive me my tears, my sorrow.

Not because I am only human, but because I was
your human. And we will meet at the Rainbow Bridge
where once again we will be as we are now, bound
by a love that only few have known.


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