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The Story of Bad Jack

The earliest I remember is being with my mother. Many other brothers and sisters where with me, together. My mother barely moved. She seemed very tired from litter after litter. Even then I knew, I was going to die.

I was taken from my mother, my litter mates, too young, and placed with a bunch of other shivering scared rats. They were the same age as me. They were endless. We were all crammed together, swarming. A stagnant panic, a dead weight on us. We knew we were going to die.

We were thrown into a big noisy vehicle, its fumes nearly choked us. The loud noises paralyzed us.
We were on our way to die, we knew.

The truck stopped and some of our cages were taken and one by one, the cages dwindled.

We stopped, it was my turn. My cage was thrown off the truck and onto the pavement. The jolt shook me to my joints, I could barely stand.

We were thrown into a wire cage, we scrambled cowering in the corner, we had to hide, to run, to escape. Please please, let us escape.

A few days went by, and my cage mates disappeared. One by one, two by two, sometimes a dozen. They were disappearing.

Each day my feet hurt, cut from the old wire cage.

Each day I watched as the older males slowly went insane with their own fear, they turned against their own cage mates. Even the younger ones were falling into the illness.

It was because, we knew, the fear settled heavily between all of us. It was either me or them, me or them.

The cage opened. The hand, it was coming for ME. I tried to run, but it was fast! It grabbed me, I escaped, it grabbed me, but I escaped again! I ran to my corner, to safety, oh please, not me. This time, it grabbed me, and pulled me out. I squeaked out in terror. I didn't want to die!

My heart beat so fast. This was the end of me. This is what I was destined for, since the day I was born.

It pulled me close to its face, and whispered to me.

"You're going to live, you're going to be saved," it whispered
I was going to live?

I believed it. For some reason, I don't know why, I believed it.

Before I knew it I was put into a dark place. I was in there for only a little bit, when the top opened and a hand came in. It was not a familiar hand. Oh no! I bit it. It squeaked and left.

"He bit me!"


Another hand entered, I recognized it has the hand before. It stroked my fur, asked if I was being bad. I tried to explain, I wasn't being bad I just wanted to be safe.

I came into another building. It didn't smell like rats. It didn't smell like any animals. For the first time I was not surrounded by hundreds of animals. I was taken out. I was sprayed with some nasty stuff. It was wet, I didn't like it.

"Here you go," It said, "this is you're new friend."

It opened a cage's door, but inside was only one rat, imagine! Only one rat!

The floor was soft. It hardly smelled as if another rat was there at all. There was food I've never seen before.

The new cage mate was big. Bigger then me, but he let me eat his food. He let me sniff his cage. I was unsure then, but after a couple of days, I knew he was my friend. I knew that this was my new haven.

Each day though, that unfamiliar hand would come. The room smelled like the hand, but I did not know it.

I didn't know who this "It" was, I defended my cage and my cage mate, I bit, but each time I did it would hold me still.

Sometimes I would hear them talk.

The other hand wanted me to leave, I was too mean,

But "my" hand disagreed, it said to keep trying.

My cage mate was not fearful of them. He pressed his nose against the cage door and they let him out, he told THEM what to do.

After a while, I decided to stop biting, little by little.

But once again I was taken from my home, and placed in another strange place...but this place.. smelled familiar, it was "my" Its room. I didn't like the new cage, neither did russtepher.

But each day my it would take us out. Play with us, feed us.

I was still a little scared. I tested out the hand by giving it careful nips, not enough to break the skin. It said no, and it scared me, although it wasn't loud, or mad sounding, it made me back away.

Day by day she picked us up and told us she loved us.

I'm not scared anymore. I know who my human is, know that she cares for me and protects me. From the day she saved me to this very day, I have never bitten her, because I held on to the hope she'd keep her promise to love me.
This is my story, I'm Bad Jack.

I'm unsure of whether to add a part three because he had to stop living with me, but the point of the story itself is complete. He currently (and hopefully forever) lives with a family on a farm =) He was saved but thousands more won't be. Also, jack is the albino hiding underneath the hooded (Russtepher), who was also a feeder, I bought him however, the last rat I'll ever buy.

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