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The story of Blu
From: (Linda Gentille)

Blu, a female registered English Bull Dog and mascot of Centennial High School was stolen from her home and found several days later, bleeding, chained and staked to the 50 yard line right before a football game. Blu was found wearing the visiting team, Mojave High's T-shirt. Blue had been kicked, beaten black and blue with a blunt object, allowed to be gnawed on by a pit bull badly enough to have gaping open wounds. The alleged GANG of football players had turned her spiked collar inside out so that the spikes dug into her neck.

Blu was treated for her injuries and was released back to her owners. Many people chipped in and her medical bills have been paid for.

Five youths turned themselves in Thursday to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police. We now must make sure that these youths are prosecuted to the full extent of the law and then we must change the laws to make animal abuse a felony with jail time.

Media Partners for Pets has contacted the Metropolitan Police department and will soon be posting on our site all the names and contacts for people to lodge a complaint, write a letter to protest this incident and call for severe punishment of these youths. We are also setting up a petition that can be signed on e-the people.

Ann Herrington, President of Media Partners for Pets will be doing a local TV show on Las Vegas One (Channels 1 & 39) this Monday, October 9th at 9am called "Day One Las Vegas" hosted by Nancy Byrne a local anchor woman and avid animal lover. We will be discussing this issue and have more info at that time for everyone as to what they can do to help.

We will also be putting updates on this site so everyone around the world can be kept abreast of the situation.

Thank you for all your letters. Keep checking our site for updates regularly and if you write a letter, please let us know if we can use it publicly to help "Blu"

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Centennial High School bulldog mascot, Blu, sits at the Ark Animal Clinic in Las Vegas after a checkup. "Blu" was stolen from his owner's backyard, forced to fight a pit bull and then left chained ...
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Kidnapping another team's mascot is usually done in fun, but police say what happened to an English bulldog went too far. "Blu" was stolen from his owner's backyard and ...
Teens may face charges in mascot theft
The kidnapping of Centennial High School's mascot, a 20-month-old bulldog named Blu, was probably meant to fire up the Mojave High School football team before a game with its ...
School Mascot Stolen, Mistreated
LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Kidnapping another team's mascot is usually a harmless prank, but police say what happened to an English bulldog went too far. Blu, the Centennial High School ...

Letter: Mascot abuser needs some help
The following are excerpts from the Humane Society of the United States' First Strike Campaign against animal abuse and is written in response to the actions of the person ...

Five Mojave High School students have been charged with stealing and torturing Blu, the Centennial High School mascot. And a Henderson puppy is still recovering from an acid attack by an unknown assailant. Some animal lovers are using these examples to push for stiffer penalties when it comes to animal cruelty.

(Chicago Sun Times)
Las Vegas
Review-Journal: Query Results
D.A. assigned to Blu's case:

Frank Ponticello
Deputy District Attorney
601 North Pecos Road
Room 25
Las Vegas, NV 89101
Phone # (702) 455-4711
Fax # (702) 455-5878
Below we are posting info for those of you who wish to make your feelings known to the officials in Las Vegas. In regards to the schools, we have heard people referring to them as "the good school" and "the bad school".

A handful of "disturbed kids" did this.....all the other kids from both schools are very upset and are trying to do "good things" to help these families and their pets. Please do not hurt them all because of the few "bad apples" that perpetrated this horrible crime. That would be a crime as well.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police -
400 East Stewart Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89101-2984

Las Vegas Review Journal (newspaper)
News Desk: 702-383-0264

Carol Leavitt, Principal
Centennial High School ("Blu" was their mascot)
702-799-3440, ask for her
702-799-3440, x272 Rick Kazee, Athletic Director

Andre Denson, Principal (The opposing school whose students confused to "Blu's" abuse)
Mojave High School
5302 Goldfield St., N. Las Vegas, NV 89031
702-799-0432, x211

Warren Hagman, Assistant Principal of Athletics
702-799-0432, x276
Sheriff Jerry Keller
Las Vegas Police Department
400 Stewart Avenue, 8th Floor
Las Vegas, NV 89101

President - Board of School Trustees
Mary Beth Scow
2832 E. Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89121
Phone: 702-799-5011

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