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The Long Road From Exile ... Run Forrest Run

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Oh but for the the day we are civilized and do not banish breeds -

Good evening all...

Until now, the story of Forrest and Kane has been told in verse thru emails and phone conversations.

Unless you were there... I guess some of the mystique is lost in translation. Being in the infant stages of anti BSL and the world of bully's... this was a life altering experience for me.

It is my hopes to convey this experience the best way I know how... video.

For you veterans, many of the images will be all to familiar and "home".

Returning to Southern California.. . I knew the experience had to be shared with others, and with no further ado, I present to you:

Run Forrest Run... The Long Road From Exile. com/watch? v=J2BGRvdy2JQ


Chef David Edelstein

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