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Herbie escapes death camp

The week before Christmas Herbie (about 3 months old) was found wandering the streets of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn , after escaping from a truck headed to one of the many unlicensed slaughter houses scattered around the Big Apple. After traffic jams and stunned pedestrians, the police were finally able to capture him. The story hit the local news and there was an outcry to secure his safety.

I was very concerned for this little guy. I wanted to make sure he was not going back to the slaughter house. I called the animal control to ask what would happen to Herbie. They told me he was going to a farm. I then gave Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary (WAS) a call to make sure he was going to a sanctuary. I was happy to hear that the Woodstock Animal Sanctuary was in route to rescue Herbie. The only problem was WAS didn't have enough room to keep him. My husband and I jut finished building a 3 stall barn and were looking for an opportunity just like this to save some farm animals!! I told WAS we would love to take Herbie here in Blairstown NJ .

My concern for Herbie was he would be alone. Ironically WAS had inquiry about another veal calf that needed rescuing from a dairy farm. The dairy farm kills the male offspring or sells them off to veal this little guy was going to be drowned. I told WAS I would take both calves. Now Herbie won't be alone he will have a brother, his name will be Kevin.

Herbie and Kevin will get a physical and be neutered at the sanctuary before they arrive in Blairstown NJ .

It looks like they will be here in about 2 weeks. I will keep you updated. If you live in the area and would like to meet them please email me. We will be having a party after their arrival Ill keep you posted.

Debbie co founder of Caring Activists Against Fur (CAAF) J

Pics of Herbie

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