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Letter to Mr. Smathers
About Jake
by Kerri Park (
January, 2006

I just wanted to congratulate Mr. Smather's on getting his dog returned to him. I grew up on a farm and I've had dogs my whole life . . . but I also had a dog that I feel possibly saved my life. I had been stalked in my home town, phone calls and secret visits, spying everything. Jake was very well mannered and gentle but very protective when necessary. The guy was on my property and looking around (I wasn't home, thank-God) but Jake pushed his way between a privacy fence and the post of a chain link fence . . . but while doing that he got the inside of his back leg hung up on something protruding from the fence. . . you could see the skin and hair left of the fence. The thin skin in the 'joint' of his back leg was torn all the way down to his knee . . . though he was bleeding and in pain, Jake still got the guy off the property! A neighbor saw him chasing the guy! When we got home we couldn't find Jake, he was in the corner of the yard under a shrub . . . and was in shock. Had he not chased the guy off , I might have had someone waiting for me in the house. It was strange for Jake to be outside, but it was really warm and I was living in an older Victorian home without air-conditioning, so I thought he could enjoy the cooler night air. Dr. Jodie Black stitched him up and kept him for about two weeks until he healed a little bit. We got to enjoy him for about 4 yrs more until we had to put him down because of tumors and cancer. By the way Jake was a German Shorthair Pointer and Chocolate Lab mix. And was the most courteous dog . . . my kids could have crayons and puzzles or whatever on the floor and he would tip toe around them never stepping on anything.

It's odd how we can have such a connection with an animal . . . I'm sure that Scout served as a companion and friend for you when you were in a place that didn't seem to friendly at times . . . I'm glad that you had him. I'm also glad that there are people like you doing what you do For US . . . putting your life on the line. I hope all is well in your world .


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