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Quotes for Animal Rights Activists and Philosophers

Animal Rights Quotes.xls (404 Kb). All AR quotes in an Excel spreadsheet. Can be download and opened in Excel, then sorted by author, date, or by 10 different categories (e.g.: religion, factory farming, humorous).

Wisdom From Antiquity to Present - Famous Vegan Quotes - 2013 video

Index 1 -- on html pages in sortable spreadsheet format
Entert_Hunting - 71 quotes on companion animals, animals in entertainment (zoo, circus, rodeo), and hunting, fishing and trapping.
Farming - 89 quotes on factory farming.
Humor - 35 quotes funny and/or satirical.
Law, Activism - 61 quotes on activism, the legal system, and the law.
Philosophy- 84 quotes on philosophy and morality.
Philosophy Lit. - 70 quotes from literature or celebrities on philosophy and morality.
Religion- 138 quotes from religious leaders.
More quotes Sorted by Religion
Suffering- 177 quotes on animal suffering.
Vegan- 110 on health, veganism, vegetarianism, fast food.
Vivisection- 62 quotes on vivisection, animal testing.
World - 86 quotes on the environment, world peace, world hunger.

Index 2 - pages of quotes
Quotes 1 - Quotes 2 - Quotes 3 - Quotes 4 - Quotes 5 - Quotes 6 - Quotes 7
Quotes 8 - favorite AR quotes of Dan Piraro
Quotes 9 - Quotes 10
Beef specific quotes Quotes 11 Quotes/Lyrics AR Song Lyrics - Index
Animal Quotes--All Creatures Ministry -- 30 quotes, grouped by animal
Anti-vivisection Quotes -- 18 quotes
AR Scientists -- article: Animals are Sentient - 10 Quotes from Scientists
AR & Vegan Quotes -- 150 quotes in Chronological order - 3000 BC to current
Christian Vegetarians -- 15 quotes from Christian vegetarian leaders
Dog quotes -- 19 quotes, mostly humorous
Famous Vegetarians -- Several hundred quotes from celebrities
Quotes from Episcoveg -- 112 quotes related to animals and spirituality
AR Quotes Collected by Adela Pisarevsky
powerpoint presentation - quotes with photos
Another Side of 'Animal Rights'.pdf
A Quote to Consider and Ten Questions
Quote on porpoises by Thelonious Monk
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