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To My Uncle Sam

by Brennan Browne


While robbing the poor to pay for more war
You redefine goodness as terror.
By helping the homeless, the hungry, the voiceless
Our names appear on your list.
The crimes we commit are honoring life
And aiding all sentient beings;
But to fascists who seek only profits and power;
Those who are merciful, moral and mild
Pose the most serious risk.
It's TRUTH you fear above all else
So you murder and muzzle and lock it away
Attempting to hide your own moral decay.
Our country has fallen to greed and corruption
And peace will never prevail
As long as evil calls itself light
And ignores and denies every living kind's plight.
The money flows freely, but never to nurture the weak
It pads the fat pockets of those least deserving
While sucking the life from the helpless and meek
Victimized activists hold strong and steady
Never giving our power away;
Defying your lying, terrorist label,
Biding time for the justice we seek.

~Brennan Browne~

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