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Beside the Hemlock Garden: On Lives and Rights
    by James Strecker

We have only begun to read/digest this book, and it is simply brilliant. Until we can create pages of our own we have made these links: Strecker bio  Mosaic Press

"Deep, dark, grief-riddled and true to the core. A testament to how truth can break to the surface, having had to push through the scum of convenience and weeds of complacency."
        --Ingrid Newkirk, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

"It has rightly been said that poetry is the language of the soul. Jame's Strecker's latest admirable contribution, Beside the Hemlock Garden reveals the human soul is both sublimely inspired and fatally flawed. His book is a must-read for those determined to find truth -- however awful that truth might be."
        --Gretchen Wyler, The Ark Trust

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It's available from or or (905) 825-2130.

Oakville, Ont. : Mosaic Press, 2002.
ISBN 0-88962-793-2 : $16.00 (Canada) $12.50 (US)
I. Title.
C811'.54 0209

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