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By Judi Hewitt
Founder of North Wales Animal Rights

No Time To Run - no time to scream
You cannot hide from the lampers beam
No time to think - no last reprieve
There isn’t even time to grieve
The rifle bullet rips your jaw
Your mangled face just blood and gore
You never saw your killers face
He does not see your charm and grace
His bloodlust has him in a bind
No kindly thoughts in his dark mind
The shooter cares not for your life
He only thinks of gun and knife
But who’s to say what lies in store
For the hunter when he’s at God’s door

This is a picture of a (once) beautiful vixen - we found her murdered on a country lane near our home. She had been shot through the head by a merciless gamekeeper - using a high powered rifle without permission. The police let him get away with it - but he will have to answer one day!

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