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Your Servant, Your Saviour, My Life, My Mission

Your Servant, Your Saviour, My Life, My Mission

To my brothers and sisters of the animal kingdom:

I love you more than I love lifeless matter.

You matter absolutely more.

That is my principal feeling.

I respect you more than I respect property.

A thousand times more.

That is my fundamental principle.

You are not property; you are but the sole proprietor of yourself.

Of your life, your integrity, your dignity and your freedom.

That is my law.

My law is the law which serves you and the cause for the justice that you are entitled to.

I abide by this feeling, by this principle and by this law.

Undoubtedly far more than by the laws which hurt or enslave you.

Therefore, trust that I will break every rule, if I must.

See that I will shred every cage, if needed be.

I will see myself being locked to unlock you.

I may be placed behind bars to uncage you.

I may see myself falling when running for your life.

But, if I fall, I will crawl.

I will crawl for your freedom.

But I will not be still nor will I be silent about your suffering.

I will speak and act to set you free.

Until you all are free.

I stand before you to swear that you have my absolute loyalty.

Know that I will never think or say that I prefer to see you maimed than killed,

that I accept that you are tortured but not maimed,

that I would rather have you terrorised than tortured,

or that I will allow them to harass you instead of terrorising you.


I will accept nothing that brings upon your death.

I will take nothing that hurts you.

I will allow nothing that frightens you.

I will want nothing that enslaves you.


I will only agree to what entirely respects you.

That is solely what I will commend and celebrate.

I will care not for what is said about me.

Not even for what might be done to my body.

It may be stopped and even crushed.

But they cannot crush me.

Not my mind, not my spirit.

For these are with you.

I will care only for facing you in peace, at ease with what I owe you.

I will care only for what you think about me.

I will care only for how you will regard me once I get you out.

I will care only for how you will remember me, after setting you free.

I will care only for witnessing your first breath of freedom at dawn, once I liberate you.

And for all the breaths of freedom more that will follow it.

I care only for you.

I stand beside you now -- and yours is the side I will never leave.

I am your friend and your servant.

Wholeheartedly, never partially.

Your freedom is my mission.

I will not compromise it.

I will not betray it.

I will not fail you.

Dedicated to all those who pursue animal liberation, especially to the activists of the Animal Liberation Front and to those who have died to save lives: Jill, Barry, Mike and Tom.

In loving memory of our sweet Eva, César and of all the others,

Our hearts and souls are and will always be with you,


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