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Your Saviour Has Come

Dedicated to all those who pursue animal liberation, especially to the activists of the Animal Liberation Front and to those who have died to save lives: Jill, Barry, Mike and Tom.

In loving memory of our sweet Eva, César and of all the others,
Our hearts and souls are and will always be with you,

Your Saviour Has Come, No Matter What

Stand still, child, your saviour has come.

Try to be silent, so to not alert your slave masters.

They would treat him with as much mercy as they treat you, if he was to be caught.

With none, you know all too well.

That is over, now, but, to forever be over,

go with him, in peace and silence.

Please endure this last effort.

Freedom will follow.

Happiness will follow.

Life will follow.

So, let him take you, child.

He means only the best.

He is the best.

Trust him, child, trust your saviour.

It is difficult, I know.

You are scared,

You are in pain.

But the suffering will stop once you let him take you.

You will stop aching.

You will finally be free to be yourself, child.

I know,

he resembles those who have broken you.

But your saviour is of a different kind.

He is an angel disguised as a human.

He came only to liberate you

and to deliver the justice it is owed to you.

This is the moment you have despaired for.

The angel you have cried for has come.

Whenever you cried to make them stop their evil plans,

he cried with you and for you.

Whenever you struggled to escape their evil hands,

he struggled to get to you.

Whenever you licked your many wounds and waited for death to come as comfort,

he prayed so that he would come to you before death -- and he rushed, he rushed.

Whenever you felt confused and abandoned,

he warmly kept you in his heart and kept running towards you.

Whenever you wished, with all your remaining forces, that the pain would go away,

your angel heard you, he was on his way to your rescue.

And that he did, child, that he did.

He is here now, with you, to take you.

So, now feel safe and fearless,

for your misery has come to an end.

Your saviour has come and he will not desert you.

He may be left behind, he may fall down, he may be incarcerated and he may be killed.

Whatever happens, he will go happily.

He will pass away relieved,

for you are not in hell anymore,

and that is his sole purpose,

his sole comfort.

Your saviour can now see you finally running in the fields, child.

He can now see you feeling all that was meant for you to experience and feel.

He can now see you being what you really are and free to be whole.

He is looking from up above, child.

He is with me.

The human saviour was captured.

His human shape was torn apart.

But be at ease, child,

he would see himself being torn apart a thousand times in order to liberate you.

The saviour angel returned home.

He is still with you, in peace with you.

Although he will not be here for long.

He will come back again and again,

for others plead for his helping hand.

Many others remain where you were.

And, no matter what others might do to them,

their saviour shall never forsake them.

No matter what others might do to him.

No matter what, child, their saviour will come.

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