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by Valerie Sumner

for all the Horses who are shot through their owners desire to
gain more from them when they cannot race again.

He felt the turf beneath his hooves
Spread his weight in triumph rose
Over the jump he silently flew
His rider quickly gathered the reins
Took the whip, and whipped again
Go, Go you curse'd horse
Take the bit remember the course
The horse his Heart trembled and fluttered
He flattened his ears and opened his mouth
What glory could become of this
His sweat flanked hide was heaving fast
But still he felt that burning whip
Suddenly he knew it, he had hurt his leg
Down he came with a crashing thud
His rider flew across his head
Damned horse someone yelled so loudly
Get a gun get the Vet
The horse lay quietly then thrashed around
Tried to stand amidst the crowds
The Vet he came and looked sadly
This Horse has seen his last racecourse
Well shoot him now his owners cried
No wait a moment a lady sighed
I will take him a tall fellow said
All he needs is a place to rest
The Jockey was a lucky fellow
Never hurt or scratched his head
he got up and walked away
The horse he stumbled and swayed
Get the Gun I told you said his owner
No please, no, the lady cried
The fellow who said I will take him
Spoke again please guvnor let me try
Here's three hundred dollars for you
All I have today for your Horse
Take him now or I will shoot him
Said his Owner I've lost the lot
The Horse was led with kindly hands
Taken with happiness by someone who loved him
Nursed within a nice warm stable
Rugged and groomed to perfection
His legs grew stronger every day
His exercise was walking then golden hay
The months wore on and spring was here
Turned out in a grassy paddock soon was healed
His rescuer that long time ago
Was from the animal liberation
God Bless him and all others like him
May this blessing pass around.


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