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As I walk alone into the night,
Scared and lonely with no more fight.
I try to think of what is was that made them hate me so,
Somebody out there please hear my cries,
I'm tired and lonely. I don't want to die.
I am lost and wondering with no place left to go,
My loved ones were taken down below.
The shadows of wings came flying over above,
I had turned my head to see nothing but blood.
Nothing for me to do but run,
Oh, how they had taken the ones I love.
I hide behind a tree,
Hoping they won't see me.
Trying to catch my breath,
All I hear is death.
Why have they forsaken me,
Taking our souls and our dignity.
I run away as far as I can,
Knowing tomorrow there will be Wings landing again.
So if you hear my cries across the skies,
Please ask them for me. Why?
And when they look at you with a grin,
With an answer that makes no sence.
Please tell them for me,
That I now too have wings to fly.

Please pass this on to enlighten those oblivious to the plight of the great and wonderful wolves of Alaska!

Des (Lone Wolf)

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