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Within Bitter Walls

By Kelly Delesandro/McNulty

Within bitter walls

Is a story
A tale of life
Lives broken

Screaming for an answer
Inside the blood dripped walls
Every breath is in pain
Every moment is in terror
Every tear is unnoticed

Cries without comfort
They die in vain
Helpless, they are trapped
Caged from freedom
Starved are their bodies

Ravished is their souls
Awaiting their fate
They shall not fade in peace
More torture is ahead

Suffering pours through the cracks
Bitterness chills every breath
Thrown against cold walls
Knifes piercing their skin
Tearing through their flesh

Breaking every bone
Ripping away every fiber of their spirit
Never stopping
Never thinking
Mercy is never shown

Innocence is stripped
Stripped of its skin
Stripped of its core of pureness
But, weakened cries still pray
Pray for mercy

Hope for a new day
Feel the longing
In need of an angel
Wings to save them
Carry them high

Away from the torture
Escaped from the blackened sorrow
Free from the pain
If you could only see
Only feel

Only know
The suffering inside the walls
Your heart would break
But inside your weakness
You hold the power

The key to unlock the door
You could be that angel
Have the courage to conquer
And tear down the walls
The walls

That shelter evil
Hold in brutality
Corrupt goodness
Profit from death
As they kill

Inside blood dripping walls.


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