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by Judith Lohinski

What have I done wrong? Why am I here?
I've lived my short life knowing nothing but fear.
I asked very little and tried to be good
But a kick; then a car left me lying in blood
Cradled in her arms on the day I arrived
I thought I was dying but she helped me survive.

She must be an angel sent down from above
To take us all in and treat us so good.
I see her each day looking tired and worn
With another like me in her arms, so forlorn.
Two meals a day is what I get fed
and, if I get lucky, a pat on the head.
Oh, I'm not complaining, it's more than I've had
But not to be wanted, then, I must have been bad.

I greeted each day with a wag and a lick
So tell me, why was it, he needed to kick?
Someone is out there, I know, just for me.
Oh, why won't they come, I'll be loyal, you'll see.
We all have a story that sounds quite the same
Some were abandoned, and some have felt pain.
Still we put trust in the humans around.
There's kindness in here, and we feel safe and sound.

Strangers come in, they stare and are sad.
I'd shout if I could "I'm a great dog to have!"
Just give me a look; a few kind words will do,
Rub my nose, scratch my ears, we have feelings too.
I think I'm quite handsome, despite my bent leg.
And I'm all skin and bone, because the lady had said.
I know that I'm lucky, I'm here and survived,
But for some it's too late, it reflects in their eyes.

So on reading this, come look and see
You might be the one who's just waiting for me. 

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