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Why Animals Need You

by Patty Jaymes

 "Why Animals Need You"

Because they have a voice to cry
Without the words to tell you why;

Or silently their sad eyes plead
For mercy others fail to heed.

Because of crimes few people know
In factory farm and rodeo,

In careless home and puppy mill
That breed the surplus shelters kill,

In laboratory cage and stall
Where pain-racked victims cringe and crawl,

Or scream from cruel restraining chair
To those who can't be moved to care.

Because they are crucified in vain -
Are made to bear unending pain,

They're hunted, trapped, caged and oppressed
Without remorse and without rest;

Because YOU love them - YOU must fight
To erase their pain and end their plight,

And make their waiting dream come true
Because... the ANIMALS NEED YOU!!!

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