by Jami Sassone

The man with the metal rod returns today
He summons me in the most painful way
It burns. It stings. It's scorching hot.
I yell, "please stop!" He will not

To the rack; I brace for the worst
He violates me again; this time's not the first
Back to my cage, to wonder how long
Yearning for answers to what I've done wrong?

Nine months later the answer arrives
I now have someone for whom to survive
Three times I've felt love, one being today
Three times, as well, it's been taken away.

My milk is for you, not him all
You enjoy what you eat, but remember my calls
When the cheese melts nicely remember his cries
When the milk is refreshing know that he died.

I needed him and he needed me
Now all I've got is this rusty machine
It's hooked up to my body to drain me dry
All for what? I need to ask why?

You did not need it, my baby did
Of any purpose my life is now rid
I provided for you, about me you care not
And my baby is gone, chained up to rot.

The mastitis leaves nipples sore, swollen and red
But will not give what I long for, to simply be dead
Just torture and pain at your command
Because of three pregnancies too heavy to stand

I have no body, no soul and no mind
I just needed a life and for you to be kind
I had no choice, born just for you
To make me and my babies into your food


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