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Whirlpool of Darkened Intent

"Whirlpool of darkened intent"
by David Dvorak

Abuse of the sentient only increasing world wide

Loving the animal kingdom fully taking their side

Fighting off animal cruelty of the incompetent blind

Treating them all case by case & responding in kind

Taking on these heartless evils no matter the final result

Holding each saved & keeping them safe as if in a vault

Liberations of all animal sentients

     - not just a belief but their right

Destruction level of slaughtering & hunting sites

     - seen at first light

Publicly showing of these evils callously

     - rejected by those in charge

Unfortunately for them our methods &

     - numbers only grow in large

Reactions to each of these evils turning fierce even more

Turning every physical & legal "wall" into yet another "door"

Pro-animal activists protest

     - as others turn to actions more "Direct "

Battling this until the end in the

     - world run by the lack of intellect

2.06.18. .                        ~ dmd

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