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What's It All About ...? Alfy !

Poetry Book Release

May 2008

'What's It All About ...? Alfy!'

A book of poetry created by Elaine & Rod Remnant-Ashton has been launched this month, to raise funds for the care of the animals on Jollity Farm, a small shelter in Gerrans, Cornwall where Mary Alice and her husband Chris rescue displaced, unwanted and animals who were doomed for slaughter.

Jollity Farm provides sanctuary for them, for the rest of their natural lives.

The book is a collection of poetry and prose, written by friends of animals from around the world.

Authors penned their thoughts on a wide variety of subjects concerned with animal welfare and rights, including contributions from actress Melita Morgan, Agent For Change, The Scary Guy, singer/songwriter Maria Daines, writers Mark David Hatwood, Frank. E. Bittinger and many more.

Mary Alice said the book is dedicated to the memory of her beloved rescue dog Alfy, who passed away earlier this year just before his 18th Birthday.

'It's a testament to the united love and compassion people feel for animals, and I hope it will help to make people a little more aware of the plight of sentient beings in society today.

I wanted this book to have a little something for all age groups and I'm very pleased to say, with the help of some wonderful talents and caring people, it is just that !'

'What's it all about...? Alfy!' can be previewed and purchased by visiting the following link - http://www.lulu. com/content/ 2577128


" I am so pleased I ordered this book " . Paul N Davis

Mine has arrived and I have got to say how pleased I am that I ordered this wonderful book.

From the moment I turned the front cover, the 191 pages of this book drew me toward wanting to view more.

A beautiful collection of poetry and prose that reached into my heart and plucked out flowing emotion.

Reading what I wish I could have captured in writing of my own experiences, I knew that this is one book that will always stay close to hand for future reading and sharing.

The varied content, images and illustrations make this book a pleasure to read and a must to share.
Thank you Mary for producing this wonderful tribute to Alfy which will help provide the future love and care, that he knew so well, for the animals at Jollity Farm.

I am not only so pleased that I have a copy of this book but also so pleased that purchasing the book will help toward the upkeep of Jollity Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Your own copy of the book can be purchased HERE

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