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We're Not Different
� 2005 by Vickie Lambdin

In a sleek dark alley, there once lived two cats;
Both of them sporting pretty clever white hats.
Then, from out of the blue, came a third one or two.
But, the hats these cats sported were black.
The first cat exclaimed, "You can't stay with us!
There's no room in this alley for black hats, today."
Then, the second cat, who wore a white hat,
Said, "With black alley hats we don't play!"
Then, the first cat, who wore a black hat,
Said, "Please, let us stay. Can't you see?
Just because I sport black and you wear the white
Doesn't mean that you're different from me."
Then, the first alley cat, who wore a white hat,
Looked at his friend and replied,
"You know, I think he's right. Just because we wear white
Doesn't mean that we're different inside."


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