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I Hear Their Voices Crying
By Craig Burton

I see Thy face
Reflected in Thy creatures;
Life's wondrous plan
That's mirrored in their eyes.
I hear Thy voice
In all their many voices.
And now, with heavy heart,
I hear their cries.

I smell the smoke;
The Everglades are burning
With fires set by man
In all his greed.
The only voice he hears
Is money talking.
His eyes and ears are shut
To their great need.

It's spring of year;
The wild things are nesting
With little ones too young
To run or fly.
And if they could,
It would not greatly matter.
There's no place left to go,
And so they die.

And more and more
They die in countless numbers
Brought on by man,
And long before their time.
Against all odds,
They struggle for survival;
Their trust betrayed.
Their pain is somehow mine.

I have not much
Of wisdom, wealth or power.
There isn't much
That one like I can do.
And yet I seem to hear
Their voices crying.
And so, in humble prayer,
I turn to You.

Don't let our world
Destroy Thy wondrous creatures,
For it would be
A sorry place, indeed.
Please give me words
And show me how to use them.
Perhaps a few may listen
And will hear.

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