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Veganism Is So Right

Veganism Is So Right

by Kedar Temba

People ask me why no milk and meat?
I say there's plenty of other things to eat
Vegans have all the fun foods
Without having to touch any animal goods'.

They say dairy and meat is rich in calcium and protein;
Taking a life for that I say, I'm not very keen
Besides all the plants have enough of the long chains
After all that's from where, muscles do animals gain.

What they say is the problem with honey from bees?
To run away from other animals' vomit, I'll cross the seven seas
Besides its food for them I say
To kill them for their food is part of what you pay.

And why not the circus, zoo and leather?
For the slavery involved, I wouldn't even touch a feather
All the animals are my friends
And I won't wear them for stupid trends.

But do they feel pain like us I get asked
They do bleed the same colour as us is my pass
We are all a part of this jewel of a planet I tell all
Let's not forget out humanity and fall.

All the trees and forests are our saviours
True its said that they are our forefathers
And the Earth is our Godmother
Let's protect her since we have no other.

Veganism is a trend they tell me
You won't sustain it for long and will flee
I just smile at them so slightly
They don't know how my heart is shining so brightly.

But you ate meat and dairy in the past they accuse
For which I don't offer any excuse
Because even if they point to my head a gun
I'll take the bullet and say I lived a vegan.

And so my dear wonderful vegans
The battle to free all animals has just begun
Keep fighting the good fight
Till all humanity sees the new light.

Every being has the right to live
And it's not ours to take or give
The answer to all fights is definitely not a gunfight
But to save our Earth, veganism is so right!

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