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Trapped Earthlings

I wrote this yesterday after watching Earthlings. I want to say it inspired me but so have a lot of other things, truths. People avoiding the truth. Customers at my store who wear fur. *Glare*

Trapped Earthlings
by Laura Templeton

We are all Earthlings

Trapped in a world

In which we've doomed

Those with power

Are those who lie

We all fake to trust

For honesty is shy

And ignorance is money,

Is death is fear is hate

And ignorance

Has clearly officialized our fate

But betrayed our values

But our mouths they cannot speak

All the problems in the world

Can be fixed with a gun

With money and fur

Leisure, play, and fun

Passions that all lure

You away from the truth

Crime is systematic

So they leave you blind,

So we dwell in our unconsciousness

Until we meet our genocide

The sun still continues to shine

Because earth doesn't need us

For it to find true peace

Thinned out atmospheric bun

No longer are there humans,

And the earth has won.

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