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To A Fur Scarf

F.F. Van de Water

The trap jaws clanked and held him fast;
None marked his fright, none heard his cries.
His struggles ceased; he lay at last
With wide uncomprehending eyes
And watched the sky grow dark above
And watched the sunset turn to grey;
And quaked with anguish while he strove
To gnaw the prisoned leg away.
Then day came rosy from the East
But still those steel jaws kept their hold;
And no one watched the prisoned beast
But Fear and Hunger, Thirst and Cold.
Oppressed by pain his dread grew numb.
Fright no more stirred his flagging breath.
He longed in vain to see him come,
The cruel biped, bringing death.
Then through the gloom that night came One
Who set the timid spirit free:
�I know thine anguish, little son �
so once men trapped and tortured me�.

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