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Timing Must Be Exact

"Timing must be exact"
By David Dvorak

There will always be an opportunity
  The chance may not be one of great mention
It will still always matter to the voiceless
  Hurts as vicious pain thinking of what they endure
Making us out as criminals, terrorists and insane
  Evil existing everywhere & most likely will never end
Edging further over the line of what would be acceptable
  Routine of security monitored, recorded and logged
A schedule set itemized of both time & day
  Etched as in stone our love and belief in all animals rights
Never imagined I would join a fight as this
  "White washed" politicians mostly funded by these blood industries
Due to their two-faced corruption we might be best without
  Ill gotten financial gains their potential downfall
Asked to stop but the voiceless will always mean more
  Living in a real life nightmare every day
Planning on liberating more only biding our time
  Loving to watch them in their innocence
Looking deeper into their eyes
  Blessed as we both jointly feel a mental connection
Allowing only those of like heart into our group
  Employing even tactics used by police
Caring more about these enslaved animals then our own freedom
  Angered with a blood fueled rage
Effort of heart, soul & spirit now set into action

1.27.14     -dmd

Message on side starting every other line with first letter and then continue with the other lines.

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