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The Thoughts of "H"

the thoughts of 'H'
(a letter to Premier Bligh)

I don't know much about dugongs or sea turtles for that matter,
but I know a bit about common sense�so lets talk about the latter.
In simple terms�both species graze within a seagrass diet,
so to take away the food source makes no sense�I just can't buy it.

As Australia plays host to the largest worldwide dugong population,
it makes good sense to speak at least of its pending elimination.
It and the green sea turtle survive the length of the Queensland coast,
and as a born and bred maroon-ite�tis where I know I care the most.

I also know our Great Barrier Reef's a World Heritage Listed area,
stretching from downtown Hervey Bay to the Gulf of Carpentaria.
It's iconic in its status�one of 7 wonders of this world,
and as much a part of our culture as the Southern Cross flag unfurled.

So I guess what I want to know is why our governments -- State and Fed,
are hell-bent on destroying forever�our Great Barrier Reef seabed.
And in turn the culpable killing off, of more species from this earth,
again for the mighty dollar, I ask�is that really what morals are worth?

To dredge forty odd million tonnes of seabed from our reef,
apart from despicable carnage brings immeasurable sea life grief.
This barbaric act of vandalism�the repercussions that it has,
all in the name of grot filthy greed from the miners of coal-seam gas,

So as a Queensland born Australian I feel the need to have my say
about the dugong and sea turtle and this sad, sad Queensland day.
May it live with us forever to haunt our consciences indeed,
when we sold our souls for nothing short -- of an epidemic known as�greed.

Harry Donnelly

Last year at this time, an extraordinary person crossed our radar. It was the 4th anniversary of the tragic passing of our hero, Steve Irwin.

The local paper ran a poem by some guy called "H" on the ultimate Wildlife Warrior ... it was so incredibly gentle, thoughtful, respectful and true to Steve's spirit that it brought tears to our eyes. We have since learned that H's talents weren't just being regaled by the local community.

Harry Donnelly is an Australian award winning poet/wordsmith who currently writes for newspapers, magazine, radio and himself!

The bush is Harry's home and first love, mother nature's animals live in his soul and thru his beautiful works.

He has since that day become an esteemed supporter of ours and on the 5th anniversary of Steve's passing, H's sublime prose (above) on how our government is getting away with the demise of some of our most precious underwater creatures, resonates even more loudly in the ears of those that work so very hard to uphold Steve's legacy of making a difference.

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