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Think Again Brother Man

by Edward Pape

"Think Again Brother Man"

This is the voice of the creatures
Calling the one that can speak,
To rouse the few who may listen
On behalf of the dumb and the weak.

Long ago, when our Earth was much younger,
When ice covered valley and hill,
The cold and the maddening hunger
Drove your forebears to hunt and to kill.

And when, after gruesome long ages,
The ice withdrew to the pole,
You failed to resume the clean living
Of a harmless link in the whole.

And now you torture and kill us
For profit, for fun - even furs!
And what you call 'vivisection'
Is a slur on your kind and a curse!

You poison our soil and our water
And the air we breathe to survive.
You plunder and fell all our forests,
Destroying what keeps us alive.

Can't you see that sharing this planet
Was truly a wonderful plan?
Think again - Are you sure you can face God -
Alone on this Earth - brother Man?

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