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The Siren's Cry

The Siren's cry
by Amy-Le Owens

Take your gaze out to sea, and let their song be heard,

welcome the whispers, listen close, take heed of every word.

The siren's cry is seldom found, but often misconstrued

for something dark and menacing, a predator in search of food,

a ravenous killer, seducing men and leading them to their graves.

When in fact she's only trying to save the world beneath the waves.

Her cries are ones of mourning, for the brothers and sisters she's lost,

and for being callous she decides man's life will pay the cost.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, you'll get your just deserts

until this destruction of my home finally reverts.

You can not dream the things I've seen, you'll never know my pain,

you'll never reverse this pollution or bring back my family again.

The waters are filled with toxicity and now,

so is my heart, until you begin to care for us I will continue to tear men apart.

And with her tears hidden against the wetness of her skin,

she wreaks a chilling comeuppance, her sadness disguised by a grin.


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