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The Kinship of Atoms

by Cirila Toplak
I have a tattoo on my forehead
Invisible to humans
In the language of Life it says
When I walk down the street
Dogs pull their chains in my direction
Why? I look them in the eye
They're souls to me
Feline purring calms me down
Like no words could
For it's about trust, not need
Wild animals don't fear me
The scent of love betrays me
Long before my soothing voice
We’re One
Humans are blind to the angels descended
In various animal forms
They go on worshipping the golden calf
And other dead Things
They want the Earth to themselves alone
Turning it into planet Dearth
The only species lost in this process
Will be Homo sapiens
For humans are hopeless
They long for paradise
While stomping on it

Dr. Cirila Toplak
Izredna profesorica / Associate Professor
za družbene vede / Faculty of Social Sciences
v Ljubljani / University of Ljubljana
Kardeljeva ploščad 5, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia,

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