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The Inconvenient Truth

by Jordie Keary

A dog sits among children, as the treasured family pet
He is loved and cared for, with checkups regularly from an experienced vet
Whenever he is lonely, there is no doubt in his mind
in a few seconds, he will be united with adoring humankind

The cat prowls around town, looking for something to hunt
but returns home to its household, respected and ready to flaunt
its beautiful silky fur, touched by all the raspy little fingers
but still it returns, to the water bowl filled with rigor

he will always be cherished by children, and adults alike
But what happens when they are taken?
Never to reach their final destination
thrown onto trucks that start their engines

but no one seems to ask the obvious question
crammed into cages among dead and dying friends
is this how they're going to meet their final, gruesome end?
This scene, more dreadful than any horror movie

would never affect the same uncivilized beings
that loved, cherished, and adored the beautiful trusting companions
that are now, depending on their attempts at fleeing
this unsanitary and disgusting place

could the families ever think of the sadness in the bloody dog's face?
Or the bones sticking out of that once beautiful fur
who could have silenced the mesmerizing purr?
The cringing batting of the engine stops

and all the cages are thrown ten feet down from the top
the drop shatters every single bone in each animal's body
who would have the heart to do this as a hobby?
The family friends wait in the cold and filthy cages,

helpless to save their kind
when they rage
they're moved up a spot in the slaughtering line
is this what your loyal, ever-loving pet is worth
when you sold them for a dime?

Once the time comes, the broken and bruised animals cannot put up a fight
not once in their lifetime, thinking of seeing the bright light at the end of the tunnel, so shattered and crumbling
but first they must not escape the fumbling
greasy, stale hands of the man who holds onto their scruffs
the lifeless bodies are presenting long, lung-breaking huffs

As the man hooks onto the hind legs of the once happy mutt
the fiend prods and pokes humorously at the canine's butt
but there is no fight left in this dog
he is treated just like a worthless hog

the man begins, with a knife sharp
as the cat's senses once were, before he was bludgeoned
and beaten

thrown like garbage into death
he released one last, fiery breath
The dog whimpers in pain, as the blade slithers down his skin
does no one realize the soul within?

his fur is stripped from his flesh
never is he going to live afresh
his heart continues to beat and air continues to circulate through his lungs
for five more minutes, he must listen to the voices spoken in tongues

This happens to millions, every year
the animals that families all hold dear
are taken from life, for a few shiny dollars
most of them continue to wear their master's collars

until the minute comes that they are hung up by their limbs
no human would ever experience the torture they're in
The families that say they adore their "pets",
but would never once be upset

if they heard that their wonderful, warm, affectionate, beautiful kitten
was now the inside of their expensive fur mitten

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