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The Circus Slave

The Circus Slave
from Animal Rights Online

Taken from mother after birth
she will never know freedom on earth
A baby elephant born a circus slave
freedom just a relentless crave

Training starts and she's on her own
confused she stands all alone
Each foot is held by a thick chain
this begins her awful life of pain

Her first beatings are felt here
where she'll learn about fear
The whips, chains and bats alike
she wails and winces with every strike

Cowering, she can take no more
worn and bleeding she hits the floor
To struggle she has lost her will
her spirit broken she lays still

She'll be forced to entertain
from this life she'll go insane
Still the crowds keep rolling in
waiting for the show to begin

Most will never know or see
that behind the scenes is misery
You have the power of your voice
to speak for those without a choice

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