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The Seasons of Your Life
Copyright Jim Willis 2001

It is the Spring of your life,
the beginning of our love.
I laugh at your foolishness,
show you what you need to know,
protect you from dangers you know nothing about,
and make sure you grow and glow with health.
We will play and practice until...

It is the Summer of your life.
My, what a beauty you've become!
You've grown into yourself and you live at full tilt.
Like the sun, you burn with a passion for life.
You've learned a lot,
but you may not appreciate everything until...

It is the Autumn of your life.
You've grown more sedate.
It's been so long since you were the source
of any sort of difficulty that I've nearly
forgotten the Spring of your life.
Your colors are still vibrant,
but I notice the tinge of frost on your muzzle -
foretelling that one season remains...

It is the Winter of your life,
and your eyes have grown as clouded as
the December sky.
I will care for you as I did during the Spring of your life,
and promise that you will pass as gently
as snow falling on frozen fields.
I will sit by your grave and weep,
and remember all the seasons of your life,
for all the seasons of my own.

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