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'Terrorists' Vs. Human 'Demons'

'Terrorists' vs human 'demons'
by David Dvorak

When only trying to stop ongoing cruelty
Labeled as "terrorists"
Fighting human "demons"
To set the voiceless free
Things existing not nearly as they should be
Only maintaining them to make more money
Vigilant watching for better times to strike
Striking against them now the only way
Realistic to no fault in our beliefs
For all voiceless to be free
By any means necessary
Now our mantra
Things must be done to spread the truth
Leaving their labs desolate
Destruction of all immoral property
& rescuing all those enslaved
We can only act out of the public view
For saving the voiceless & left behind
We have become to them "a major threat"
Will continue 'til all are free and safe
Losing our own freedom not reason to stop
Existence of evils remain reason to further the fight
Some even taking the fight eliminating those guilty
Only to smile, knowing there are less to battle
Still this battle rages on
Frequently watching over our shoulder
Just waiting for more evil to emerge
Overkill of justice now more encouraged

1.25.14 ~dmd

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