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Sweet Slaughterhouse Beast

By Marian Reader

Dear Sweet Soul
I feel your pain
That dark black hole
where you were slain.
You joined the queue
You felt the fear
Next it was you
Too much to bear!

You tried to run
He pulled you in
Then fired a gun
That fearful thing.
Your head went round
You lost control
You met the ground
So very cruel.

You felt the pain
Too shocked to cry.
Your friends were slain
Now you must die.
You felt so bad
You tried to stand
You're hoisted up
And then you're hanged.

Your head and legs
Hang down and flail
Your body's hooked
Beneath your tail.
And still you fight
To stay alive
You raise your head
But can't survive.

Your strength is sapped
You're hurt and weak
Your death is mapped
Your death is bleak.
You breathe your last
Free from all pain
The nightmare's passed.
The butchers gain!

We see it all
This awful scene
So very cruel
Unjust, obscene,
You did no wrong,
My precious friend,
Your life not long
A slave to men.

So we will fight
And find a way
With all our might
To make them pay
For treating you without respect,
We'll find a way to end that plight.
You had a soul, felt pain and yet
were treated with such evil spite.

Run free Sweet Soul
Through fields of green,
Away from earth and Man's control,
We don't forget what we have seen.
We'll fight for you until we win,
Ensure such cruelty will cease,
Never think that we'll give in,
Until compassion's yours, Sweet Beast.

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